House of the Dragon: The Fate of Every Dragon

What happened to every dragon in the World of Ice and Fire?

This video is a look at every known dragon in the Game of Thrones Prequel: House of the Dragon as well as other dragons in George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” and “Fire and Blood”

We will also touch on the age and size of every known dragon in Game of Thrones. That’s 28 dragons. It’s subjective, but I’ve got 7 dragons BIGGER, than Season 7 Drogon.

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  1. I wish we knew what happened to Silverwing after flying off. Did she die of old age? Did anyone ever find her again?

  2. I have a crazy theory that Daemon survives, goes to Dragon stone and claims The Cannibal and than meets with Nettle/Sheepstealer and fly off somewhere to find a new home, Yeah he still had Aegon III who is his son but he had seen so much death, lost so many people close to him and lost his Dragon.

  3. 2:47 ish mark season 1 e 10 hotd exact scene 3 years early lol

  4. They all vanished form the surface of earth, what do you mean what happened? This is R.R. Martini’s work

  5. watching this now with the season of Hose of the Dragon finished… just so well explained

  6. I will be upset by the dragons dying, although i felt for the young guy who died in the season finale i felt for the dragon more.

  7. The Storming of the Dragonpit and Second Tumbleton are going to both incredible and heartbreaking to watch in the show. So much death on both sides during both of those incidents, human and dragon.

  8. Imagine if the Night King made it to King's Landing and resurrected Balerion, after the rest of his bones were assembled, of course.

  9. So what you're telling me is… get ready for a REALLY shitty second season of the next House of the Dragon… 😮‍💨😔🥲

  10. "the widely used term the danys" nerds make me laugh

  11. Why am I sad over the death of these fantasy dragons. Lol..

  12. Daemon went out like a G, Rhaenys stood her ground as well

  13. So jacerys was really an idiot? I mean how can you end up dying while having 5 dragons in your team when 4 of them are huge against a bunch of boats with arrows?

  14. The Cannibal Slumbers deep within the Dragon Mount

  15. who is here after the first season of HOTD

  16. This is a nice vid to visit after watching HOTD. I just wanted to see what happens to the dragons.

  17. This is why dumb and dumber killing rhaegal in the most lazily written way is so bad

  18. So, an absolute tragedy is one the way

  19. 0:16 that balerion skull is shrunken too
    In hotd the skull is even bigger

  20. Dragons aren't like horses? Wdym..? Are you saying Syrax shook Joffrey off his back?


  22. funny thing is Drogon's actual size in the books is just as big as Arrax in the HOTD show.

  23. 1) I think Daemon did survive somehow but either so done with war either lost the will to fight(maybe in some sort of realization) or too injured to comeback.
    2) Syrax could be looking for the fallen kid but ended up being mobbed.
    3) Where's the Cannibal hanging out all that time?

  24. Know none of this is real, lol, but it still made me sad for those dragons; well, except for Cannibal; F him, lol.

  25. Why is your channel icon the map of New Jersey?

  26. the cannibal dragon
    Imagine how he looks
    Maybe bigger than vihgar because he s wild dragon and he s black 🖤

  27. As unbelievable as dragons are it more unbelievable that any heavy mid-evil era weapon could accurately hit one in flight. That is probably the biggest issue with the dragon involved battles. I think it would be cool if all the adult dragons large enough for a large adult human to ride were never killed by human weapons inflight. Maybe being kill by Targaryen hubris, hovering to burn something and then being shot by a ground-based human weapon or on the ground for whatever reason. It would also be cool the legend/history recorded “dragon fire” as a weapon developed to separate dragon rider from dragon in flight. The dragon fire doesn’t hurt the dragon but any human not immune to fire like Dany. The implication being that Dany on dragon back flying in invincible unless they stay stationary enough for a heavy weapon to hit Drogon or a bowmen to hit Dany.

  28. Who is here after vhaegar killed arrax and you found that animation relatable to season finale??

  29. Best breakdown on YouTube by far!:) Thank you! 🙏❤️🐲

  30. Nettles was the only smart one…. just a bunch of wasted power.

  31. The fact that we can spend countless hours online looking up the history of a world that never even existed as a real place speaks to what a tremendous writer George is! When you can create a world that motivates people to learn about the history and lore, you know you are into something. This is what that makes books and series like Game Of Thrones, Lord Of The Rings, The Witcher, and Harry Potter so fantastic. They all have hundreds or even thousands of years of history to be learned about and researched.

  32. If ballista killed mmeeraxxes during then why does Cersei need qybern to “invent “ one?

  33. I guess there's no need to expect the ending of house of the dragon show now ^^

  34. I know it's an underrated question. But shouldn't Morning survived and where is she in the end?

  35. But why doesn’t anyone ever explain what happened to morning…

  36. shovel the saw spinoychus Dracona and reverseopus says:

    the Waffle House has found its new host

  37. No way drogon was not bigger then carax sorry if any spelling mistakes stupid atoucurrect kill me

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