House of the Dragon vs. Game of Thrones

“House of the Dragon” is a great companion to “Game of Thrones,” but which show had the strongest start? For this versus battle, we’re looking at the first season of the original George R. R. Martin fantasy HBO series, “Game of Thrones” and how its prequel show’s inaugural season stacks up against it. Spoilers for both shows, so be forewarned. We’ll be comparing each show in categories like Characters, Story, Twists & Shocks, and more! If you think we chose the wrong show to sit on the Iron Throne, get down in the comments and be “the first of your name” to tell us why we’re wrong.

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  1. I agree that Game of Thrones won. However, I strongly believe that Game of Thrones, should've won all of the categories. In my humble opinion.

  2. This is insane to compare the entire series of GoT to only one season of HoTD before the season finale aired 😂😂 TF?!

  3. Shoutout for Pady Considine for such a phenomenal performance as King Viserys. The man deserves an Emmy.

  4. Although I did like games of thrones better the comparisons are unfair as the tittle suggests this is about one family the Targaryens .

  5. GOT had better 1-4 seasons. 7 and 8 were worst. HOTD has almost reached the season 1 of GOT. We are yet to see the main events in HOTD.

  6. I call BS HOTD only has 1 season & GOT has 8 , so this video is BS!

  7. Can y’all please stop doing these so early. Even then you still aren’t that great. Just wait until they have at least 2 or 3 seasons. Than compare it better

  8. Only thing is game of thrones had much more material to go off of. We can’t really tell until house of the dragon is complete

  9. Having read all of the books and seen every single episode of both shows… i've come to this conclusion.

    Game of Thrones: starts off very strong, very grandiose and large in it's scale. It's truly an epic you're ready for!! strapped in and ready for more after season one… only to get diminishing returns on excitement post season 4. Then it just limps to the finish line with most story lines either ignored or rushed. Why? It's too much!!! A story like this? It would've taken like 12 seasons to get right… and we all know how it ended…

    House of the Dragon: I get it… the story seems… smaller? Sure, but consider this. The story is also more focused, and now only dealing with ONE THING!!! Who essentially "wins the game," but only between two sides of one family. Season one sets the chess pieces on the board, and with the end of episode 10, the chess pieces are now all about to move. I know exactly how this story ends, and barring any kind of deviation, we're all in for a wild WILD ride.

    I'm personally looking forward to more House of the Dragon, and I really think they're going to deliver. Trust me… it's one hell of a story.

  10. Allison Hightower always has the same expression. Like a dog that just soiled the carpet.

  11. Game of Thrones Season 1 covered way more Ground The North, The Riverlands, Essos, Kings Landing, The Vale etc it also covered all the Major Families from their Point of View .

    House of the Dragon it is only Targaryen's, also nothing can beat Golden Age GOT, just the Scenes with Tyrion and Tywin are enough to blow your Mind.

    Not to mention Ned Stark, Robb Stark and his Killer Quotes "It is Better than three Defeats' "I Won Every Battle but i am losing this War" etc

    Also Other Quotes from GOT live on to this day one of my favorites is "Serving when Serving is Safe" – Ned Stark and even better "It is Hard to Put a Leash on a Dog after you put a Crown on it's Head" – Tyron

    And even with all that said i knew House of the Dragon would be a Great Show, but nothing in my Opinion can touch Golden Age GOT namely Season 1-4

  12. HOTD is great, and I love it, but GoT season 1 is TV perfection.

  13. I don’t find HoTD as exciting as GOT.
    I don’t see myself rooting for characters in HOTD like I did for the characters in GOT. The characters in HOTD did not leave any impression on me. Some characters (CC, the twins, Leanor, Laena, Luke,etc.) were just meh 🫤 did not feel any connection with them.

  14. Can’t compare a show with one season to another with 8

  15. Appart from the Jackson's LotR trilogy the first 4 seasons of GoT are the best 'big' adaptations that we have on screen. 5 and 6 are good and 7 and 8 aren't adaptations (since there is nothing to be adapted).
    For now the first season of HotD are in a close 3rd position.

  16. Its too early to say but I feel HOTD would really surpass GOT. Not only plot wise, a huge part of it is that the people behind this learned from the latter and would not mean to destroy yet another potential masterpiece of a tv show. We have to trust that they’re going to make it right this time and understood the assignment and so far it has been a solid season 1.

  17. Hotd hands down wins. The simple reason is writing. The writing is so much better than got. The asoiaf book readers will know that.
    Got = bad written, hotd = amazing writing

  18. Every contest in the WatchMojo comes at a 3-2 win 🙂

  19. Should have been season 1 vs season 1 to be fair which I give to HOD.

  20. Let’s calm down Mojo. We are only one season in. Maybe Game of thrones season 1 vs House of the Dragon season 1. Even then House of the Dragon is as good as it is because Game of Thrones was such a success.

  21. You've got to be a dumb bastard to ever think a Sean Bean character is gonna survive
    Daemon is a GRAY character he's literally described as the most loved by the people while still be the most hated, I mean in Westeros you've gotta choke a bitch ever now and then to get em to listen, Because she didn't listen she lost another kid in a matter of a few hours

    Doof and Doofus deserve all the hate they get, Season 6 7 8 proved they couldn't write a fucking children's book, Who the fuck thinks building up a 1v1 fight for 8 seasons just to change it up because "It's to cliché" lmfao or they kind of forgot about characters and blame it on fictional characters, They should've never been at the helm because they answer a mystery that alot of us could've and did figure out years before the show existed

    Imagine how much better GOT could've been if Ryan Condall was in charge with George backing him shessssshhhh the story would've been completly different after 5

  22. Hotd season 1 displayed three kings not two

  23. I didn't even know about GOT until about 2.5 years after it came out. A co worker told me about it when I was talking about History's Vikings show. He said I might like it and to check it out.

  24. It's cute/politically correct that you gave HOTD any victories. GOT wins hands down but………… THE DRAGONS ARE COMING!!!

  25. As a die hard fan of GOT, despite enjoying very much what has been done in the first season of HOTD, I have to say that the original show is superior, for now. What I think HOTD lacks are light hearted scenes and characters who can bring a smile to our faces and make us laugh, like Tyrion, Bronn and even Jaime did at times. HOTD is always so serious and dramatic, it definitely keeps us on the edge of our seats. Other than this there isn’t anything wrong with HOTD that comes to mind, long may it reign!

  26. HOTD is good, don’t get me wrong, but GOT (minus the conclusion/end) is just one of the best shows ever made – even on rewatch. The world feels so vast and so real. The characters diverse and each so interesting. I could never pick a favourite watching GOT. In contrast, the world of HOTD (to me at least) feels small. Only 2/3 of the characters capture my attention, and even that is eclipsed by the level of interest I had for the characters in GOT. And the most important thing, GOT was incredibly unpredictable. I truly didn’t know what would happen. While watching HOTD I predicted nearly everything and this fact alone is the deal breaker for me. But who knows, maybe the next few seasons will change my mind.

  27. ironic part is Jon is a stark but also a Targaryen but he is more stark than Targaryen, Ned's words proved true throughout GOT

  28. I would have chosen House of the Dragon. I really liked how they fleshed out the characters. The first season of game of thrones had to many storylines at once, it was hard to keep track

  29. so many other criteria missing but I agree with conclusion. With such an involved and lengthy narrative, a little humor helps——-GOT clear winner here. And, is there anybody else that found the cinematography very muted in HOD—-the colors were so finely etched in GOT—seemed like there was a filter washing colors out of HOD. The scope of GOT was immense while HOD almost seemed claustrophobic——-the snow falling in the North—–hard to top that. HOD did get better with each episode but right now GOT is tops—–I'm sure HOD will avoid a disastrous finale.

  30. Game Of Thrones Cast = Champions League Players.. HOD Cast = Amateur League Players.. This is the simplest difference.. HOD is such a disgraceful drama.. I'm having a hard time not throwing up while watching it..

  31. Got top class any time after all king is king

  32. There was never a moment I loved Daemon, and hated him the next.

  33. House of the Dragon (HotD) vs Rings of Power (RoP) :
    – Script: Powerful vs. Platonic
    – Acting: Masterful (Viserys, Daemon, young Rheanyra, adult Alicent, Aemond,…) vs. Uneven (Galadriel, Elrond,…)
    – Rythm : Very Well managed vs. Inconsistent
    – Music: pure Genius vs. Academic
    – Chinese portrait of painters : Caravaggio vs. the show-off painter who buys a gallery and pays clients to come 😂

  34. the main thing in GOT's success is the fight between good and evil but here in HOD it is just a fucking fight inside the family which is stupid to watch for.. no one fucking care about the screenplay and character role if it doesn't mean a moral thing..

  35. Bruhh!! HOTD is pure bassed on feminism but GOT is a legendary and character is occeeemmm…

  36. Well I think it's too early to start comparing GOT and HOD because HOD has only aired season one so far

  37. Of course Game of Thrones is gonna win. There are 8 seasons. House of the Dragon only has 1. 😂🤣😂

  38. Chill guys it’s barely the first season, wait for it.

  39. This video is way to early game of thrones is a finished series, house of the dragon is on season 1 lmao 🤣

  40. Hey look me turn around at look at Joffrey bitch you real wise guy but make one mistake you miss with me family

  41. Not in this ladies opinion the house of Ruth believes that the house of the dragons kicks major ass and you can add a peach emoji to that 🍑👸🏼🧒💯 Damon Targaryen or however you pronounce his name and his cousin/wife okay that I think is a tadpick creepy but still interesting and it creepy yeah right away You're an exactly call that one a winner but there's a lot better than game of thrones little joffrey guy makes me want to vomit all over him

  42. I just rewatched GoT and compared to season 1-6…
    House of the Dragon is a pile of shit.
    Deep, intelligent dialogues, atmosphere, beautiful loving sets, logical storytelling, good screenplay and camera…HotD does NOT have all that.
    GOT 10 : 0 HotD …an absolute disappointment for me.
    but well today's undemanding and intellectually overwhelmed audience likes the simplest fare

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