How Daenerys is Connected To Rhaenyra & Daemon: House Targaryen Family Tree EXPLAINED

With the launch of House of the Dragon, many fans of the original series are once again getting ready to be invested into this world. There are several questions that people have been left asking after the first episode. And one of those is about the connection between Daenerys Targaryen and the new heir to the Iron throne, Rhaenyra. Apparently, a lot of you have been inquiring about How Daenerys is Connected To Rhaenyra. Well, here’s the House Targaryen Family Tree EXPLAINED.

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  1. Yes, Bran is King but he doesn't have a iron throne. Drogon torched it remember?

  2. the butchering of these names and the wild enunciation are killing me

  3. I watched the whole thing and I am even more confused than before😆

  4. Aegon 3 was lucky as hell to make it out alive

  5. The family tree was summarised perfectly In house of the dragon :
    "she's our sister"
    "then you marry her"

  6. Omg… Closed Caption has Aenys Targaryen changed Anus Targaryen lol And it just looks so funny 😂
    Edit- stupid autocorrect

  7. Daenerys Targaryen is of direct descent from Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen from part it is 2 parents! They were exactly the great great great great great great greats of Deannerys maternal and paternal parents.

  8. Well Aerys the 2nd also had a brother he was the maester of citadel he revealed him self to Jon snow he’s name is aaemon Targaryen

  9. Raenyra's black team was the winner after all.

  10. So Aemond is Viserys n Daemons brother in the show but theirs nephew in the books?

  11. Thank you for this awesome explanation. Cheers! 🥂

  12. I’m excited to see how Aemon the maestro will be introduced in his younger years

  13. Soooooo its probably not right but i think daemon becomes the nightking.

  14. No .. John is the Stark and Targeryan son … but his father also had a boy with the Martel named the same

  15. i want jon snow aka aegon targaryen to sit on iron throne
    and new rider of drogon in the new game of thrones sequal SNOW but thats too sweet to be a dream

  16. We can witness the wildfire exploding in different places around the City. So even if Daenerys didn't burned King's Landing it'll still be destroyed.

  17. Thanks for the information it's just a little weird that everybody's a brother or a sister or they marry their uncle and their cousin that's just too much

  18. Fun fact– If you listen closely they usually play a newer version of Daenerys old soundtrack whenever they show dragon stone or Rhaenyra.

  19. Why is no one talking about Viserys’ photo in family tree. 😂😂😂

  20. Ok, I’m not mature enough to not laugh at, Aenys 😂

  21. If that's so, how did the melting gold burned vicerys targarean but daenerys could walk on fire!?

  22. all that Targaryen history of incest, all that hype around John being the true heir.
    yet D&D couldn`t make an ending in which Aegon marries his aunt and restored the Targaryen dynasty

  23. With all the inbreeding it's more of a family thumble weed

  24. Wait why did daynera brother turn out like that thought he was a good man was after his liver died

  25. Why is her pronunciation and emphasis so … the way it is?

  26. will we see the mad king in the series one day?

  27. How come nobody talking about maester aemon is older than the old king and the mad king he is supposed to be the uncle to the old king and we all know he was old as sh**

  28. Soy española y te agradezco que hagas este vídeo <3 me has ayudado mucho con el árbol genealógico ^^

  29. am i the only one annoyed by the loud clip sound compared to the talking voice. constantly switching between getting scared shit out vs cant hear anything

  30. It's Aenys. Please stop saying it like anus.

  31. Man all these book nerds in the comments making it even more confusing and difficult to remember the entire family tree and names.

  32. is impossible to keep track if they only use the same names !!!!! lol

  33. thank u for this.
    now i got a master in the family tree of Targaryen. hard stuff jesus hahahah

  34. I find it really funny how people are actually surprised that Rhaenyra and Daemon would end up together. The second she looked at him for the first time, sitting on the iron throne (where he gives her the necklace) I was SURE they would become something. I just knew. Instantly.

  35. Kinda explained it to fast I got list for a second be better to slow down an be a little more in depth about the family good info though m just had to watch 3 time's understand what was going on an who was who as mom an dads

  36. This is as confusing as it sounds 😵‍💫

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