How The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Dragons Were Designed | Movies Insider

“Game of Thrones” is over, but its legacy lives on. And one of the most memorable parts of the iconic show are the dragons.We caught up with the show’s “dragon designer,” Dan Katcher. Katcher created the creatures using a digital sculpting program called Zbrush. Katcher takes us through all of the steps he took to bring these dragons to life, beginning with a simple sketch.

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How The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Dragons Were Designed | Movies Insider


  1. That's super cool. Would you be able to show the process of animating it? It must have been hard

  2. The thing that bothered me about the GoT dragon designs is below the elbow, the wings are barely attached to the body. It doesn’t look like the body is supported enough to fly by the wings. The body of a bat is completely supported by the wings by comparison. Other than that, brilliant dragon design.

  3. Why do the Dinasours on Jerassic Park the first movie look way better than this dragon in 2019…..this dragon looks too 3Dish almost like a video game.

  4. woah… why does the dragon designer guy sound like Robert Downy Jr. O_o

  5. No one cares about GOT anymore! They killed it by making stupid-face king.

  6. I wonder how Balerion will look since he’s bigger than drogon

  7. Actually, Western dragons has 4 legs seperated from the wings. If the forward legs are the wings itself, then its a fking wyvern bro

  8. Is it only me or does Dan Katcher's voice is very similar to Tony Stark played by RDJ

  9. I loved Terra Nova! I wished it didnt get canceled. But I'm glad he got to work on GOT.

  10. Some one here because of the thumbnail😡😡😡

  11. This is the most got thing I have seen (i have never watched the show)

  12. good video, appreciated the accuracy and depth of the 3D process

  13. Hate to break it to you but these are wyverns

  14. Imagine making the Transformers in a similar way! It would look a lot more realistic and could be quite a bit more plausible!!!

  15. Do he not create a lowpoly model of the dragon and backe the high res. information? Or how you wana rig/animate a 12mio poly model lol..
    But the design of the dragon is not a real dragon. Thats a wyverns.

  16. Dragons in Game of Thrones are the most visually stunning and "realistic" dragons to have ever been created in my opinion.

  17. I love any movie, show with dragons. Even though they’re not real creatures I’ve always been very fascinated by them. I just finished watching the last episode of series Yesterday and I honestly wished I had watched this show years ago because it was really darn good. Of course, my favorite part were the dragons. Never seen more lies, deceitfulness , betrayal and murder in any show or movie until this show. WOW!

  18. as I can tell, they didn't get aerodynamic enough, they should have gotten a biologist, or taken the Vermithrax Prejorative body as the main inspiration.

  19. Proud my india and my city Mumbai for this epic dragon VFX .
    It is made in india 😎

  20. Best looking and more detailed dragons I've ever watched in a movie or tv series. But still dissapointed with the ending tho.

  21. Im working in blender right now, designing my own dragon for still images this guy is a massive inspiration to me!

  22. It’s such a shame this guy put so much work in to make such a shitty ending.

  23. حقيقه إن التنين كان أهم عنصر في المسلسل ووجود قناة مثل هذه تخلي الناس يشوفون الجندي المجهول وراء هذا العمل العملاق والجبار حقيقة شي يشكرون عليه

  24. I'm so glad to see the GOT dragons were created by this slightly kooky but insanely professional guy!

  25. the best looking dragons in any movie to tv show in my opinion

  26. If you dont watch and just listen, thats RDJ speaking right there….damn

  27. Hope this man is also working on House of The Dragon 🙏🏾

  28. Well Dany was mother of dragons This man is Father of dragons 🙂😄😊😊😊

  29. “In the natural world”
    Proceeds to mention the neck of a t rex


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