How The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Dragons Were Designed | Movies Insider

“Game of Thrones” is over, but its legacy lives on. And one of the most memorable parts of the iconic show are the dragons.We caught up with the show’s “dragon designer,” Dan Katcher. Katcher created the creatures using a digital sculpting program called Zbrush. Katcher takes us through all of the steps he took to bring these dragons to life, beginning with a simple sketch.

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How The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Dragons Were Designed | Movies Insider


  1. I do love dragons from GOT. They are best Wyrim dragons ever made, better than Skyrim dragons imo. Though I wish they were 4 legs. 2 wings dragons in GOT. They would been so much more deadly if they had 4 limbs and 2 wings. But we all know that in nature. There nothing comes close that has 6 limbs creature in mammals, except maybe insects? The only other myth that 6 limbs would be centaurs. The Wyrim dragons in GOT do make more logical sense in GOT lore. So I do understand why they went this route. I just wish we got more wise/friendly/charming movies like HTTYD or Dragon heart or Eragon. Dragon heart 1 is still my favourite dragon. The rest dragon heart movies were kinda bad Except HTTYD. we’ve haven’t had 4 legged/2 wing dragon moved since. All other western 4 legged/2 Wing moves or tv series with dragons have been horrible. Eragon is perfect example. Sapphire was good looking, well design dragon. Everything else was horrible. The scrip of story, the actors were kinda bad except Jeremy Irons, everything else was just bad, or done so cheep. I’ve never read the books, but hear they 10x better then movie ever was.

  2. Wow you guys weren't kidding. Exact same vocal tone as RDJ.

  3. Shame this guy isn't working on House of the Dragon.

  4. I wish there was a way i could get a realistic tattoo of Drogo with khaleesi standing below him for a back piece

  5. Congratulations man, theese are some of the most beautiful creatures i' ve ever seen in my life !

  6. I didn't like the writing on the last couple seasons, but credit where it's due; the dragons looked fantastic

  7. I’d say that these dragons have the most realistic designs I’ve ever seen, but I’m gonna have to look af Syrax for that (even though the CGI of House of the Dragon isn’t as polished as in Game of Thrones). Cause if there’s one, very important thing that Dany’s dragons miss that Syrax does have, is the wing membranes attaching to the root of the tail instead of just in front of the pelvis. With their hips being a heavy point of their bodies, Dany’s dragons wouldn’t have been able to take off and create enough lift to stay aloft (at least not horizontally) with that extra necessary wing membrane missing between the first wing fingers and the root of their tails. I know dragons don’t exist and these are just tv shows, but the painfully inaccurate wings has been bothering me since the start, especially since they wanted to make the dragons look as realistic as possible.

  8. Imagine your husband is the one making the design for Drogon 😵‍💫

  9. they appear much better than the dragons portrayed in house of the dragon

  10. If only adipurush team did this much hardwork for the dragon used for ravan they could have avoided so much of hate

  11. No one is talking about drogon and rhegal looks same

  12. The Guy who is designing the dragons is sounding like "Robert Downey Jr."

  13. If you reading this…

    Have a good day!❤️🌟

  14. Dragon Tales, Dragon Tales. It's almost time for Dragon Tales. Come along and take my hand, let's all go to Dragon Land

  15. You guys did an amazing job.
    Drogon looked so realistic.

    He looked 10 times better than Smaug and I’m sure Smaug cost 10 times as much.

  16. The dragons were a huge part of the show, and I felt they were unceremoniously killed with no fan fare. A bit disappointing.

  17. In theory, dragons are much more maneuverable than sailing ships. Why didn’t they fly around and attack the ships from behind? Frontal assaults are almost always stupid. Worst episode of the entire series.

  18. Awesome job with this video. Im currently learning this skill so it was great to see what is ultimately possible in modeling, sculpting, and in animating. Thank you.

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