How To Hatch a DRAGON Egg in Virtual Reality!

Welcome to Dragon VR! I learned how to hatch a dragon egg in virtual reality and became a dragon mother!

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  1. 0:41 – "set everything on fire" . . . My kind of content! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Jearie how do u not know that the big dragon is mikes mom

  3. You are the worst that’s his mom and you’re not the mom you just take care of him you’re just a babysitter

  4. What do you mean about shuving your meat in him 😒

  5. Guess what he's not kidnapping you she's actually caring you to another safer place maybe for she's just trying to make you have a ride

  6. Is this called dragon vr like in the description or is it smthn else?

  7. Omg "hey baby you like my wood " I'm dying 🤣

  8. i think u and the mother are working together to take care of the baby dragon

  9. omg.. your voice is sooo cute! i love your videos the “ehh.." one is soo cute❤❤ i love your voice also im a girl if your wondering😅

  10. she said "pteradactyl"
    proper flying reptile would be pteranodon.
    its also not a dinosaur, its a flying reptile

  11. The thing ya called weird witchy fingers that is a dragon head

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