How to Paint Angry Ball of Eyes (Beholder) from Fat Dragon Games

Quick way to paint using colored primer and washes from Army Painter.

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Grab the stl file here:


  1. they look like shorter and fatter versions of the aliens from the Simpsons

  2. Definitely a good table top level paint job. Some highlights would take those things to the next level. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I wish my CR10 had prints that looked that good. For the time and effort into these they look supergood. I just hope there aren't 3 beholders in your encounter for your group…ouch.

  4. How much did it cost overall to 3d print one of those?

  5. Now I see where the original Cacodemon in doom stole the design from 😉

  6. Only surprise was you didn't fill that nasty seam line

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