How To Train Your Dragon [55] Xbox 360 Longplay

How To Train Your Dragon is a 2010 action-adventure game based upon the film of the same name. It takes place approximately one year after the film’s ending where the village has marked the defeat of the Red Death as a new annual holiday called Thors’day Thursday. On this day the villager’s teenagers are encouraged to fight in a tournament with the dragons they’ve trained. To train your dragon, you must gather resources to restore its stats, complete training tutorials and challenges which both unlock as you win four smaller tournaments. You are allowed to train a total of four dragons to form your ultimate tournament fighting team.

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This longplay was requested by: globby blobby bubble butt

Time Codes:
0:00:45 – Opening Cutscene
0:03:30 – Heal Your Dragon Quest
0:04:13 – Dragon’s Den Tutorial
0:09:11 – Dragon Training Quest
0:10:45 – Training Camp
0:23:31 – Snotlout Tournament
0:32:32 – Collect Food Quest
0:38:04 – 2nd dragon: Deadly Nadder
0:39:20 – Fix The Bridge Quest
1:23:24 – Fishlegs Tournament
1:40:58 – Lost Dragons Quest
1:41:57 – 3rd dragon: Monstrous Nightmare
2:28:40 – Wild Fight 1 Quest
2:50:29 – Save Your Dragons Quest
3:18:49 – Wild Fight 2 Side Quest
3:30:49 – Tuffnut T. Tournament
3:59:13 – Missing Foghorn Quest
4:00:49 – 4th dragon: Hideous Zippleback
4:20:29 – Foghorn location
4:42:38 – Earned the right to blow the horn
4:48:48 – Astrid Tournament
5:27:29 – The Legendary Scale
5:55:00 – Thors’day Thursday Championship
6:31:50 – Ending Cutscene
6:32:36 – Credits


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  2. Do you think you can play the sequel game How to Train Your Dragon 2: The Video Game, also released on Xbox 360?

  3. Muchgame two things Number one if you’re looking for somewhere to train your Dragon’s even more I know the perfect area if you head to the wild zone there’s a cave there it will not just give you items when you win but also experience your dragons it always works for me all the time because I play this game all the time for the wii version. and two I have a request of my own how about you try Mario’s sports Mix for the Wii I play that game all the time and I would bet it would be good for your viewers to.
    Ps you may want to practice all four sports dodgeball basketball volleyball and hockey The reason why there’s a fifth event that does all four Sports at the same time also be careful once you get all four after sports trophies crystals they’ll come by together and your face a boss that was from the original final fantasy it’s a BEHEMOTH two of them at least A purple one and a red one your face the purple one when you get all four of the trophy crystals and the red one you can only face it in the fifth event which I have never done.

  4. Back in ancient times we had history to but all history is not about the past because the past didn’t happen yet no history was about the Future


  6. This is my childhood game this and the bionicle game I played on ps2 and played this game on the wii I was so bad at it but I love this game so much

  7. Rd vs toothless the night fury dragon

  8. Does anyone know if there’s a way to play this game on pc?

  9. My most vivid memory of this game from my childhood is breaking down in tears after softlocking myself at the boss fight.

  10. I can't get past fishlegs in the final tournament, haven't played in years…

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