How to Train Your Dragon | Canadian First Time Watching | Movie Reaction | Movie Review | Commentary

Simone & George are reacting to How to Train Your Dragon for the first time! Canadians React!
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  1. Alright George i've given this alot of thought… and i just cant keep it in anymore… DEX the best stat??? INT 2nd??? CHA AND WIS have the best casters for 90% of levels and dont even get me started on skill checks and Saving throws. Persuasion, Perception, Intimidation, and Insight! Yeah sure Dex is better than STR outside of BAR and PLD… But CHA is good on every class even if its not a CHA caster unless you arent coming in contact with any social situation in your campaign. Sorry just couldn't keep that in anymore, great vid as always the 2 sequels are really good

  2. About your intro line… Was that a reference to Bananas In Pyjamas?

  3. One of the best animated trilogy along with kung fu panda !

  4. Definitely watch the other 2 movies in this series. They are just as good as this one.

  5. I so love this movie, and the score makes me cry every time. I really enjoyed your reactions!

  6. im guessing the intro is bananas in pyjamas?? if I'm wrong someone correct me

  7. The sequels are AMAZING. Absolutely watch them on the channel. The entire trilogy is fantastic and well thought out.

  8. Hello! So I noticed Avatar the Last Airbender is no longer a running show in your patreon 👀 would you ever consider doing a youtube version/release 👀 👀

  9. I named my cat Fishlegs after one of the characters.

  10. 3:10: If this was DnD I think a case could be made that Hiccup would be an Artificer/Ranger multiclass.

    Edit to add: 7:37: Hahaha, yeah same, but honestly, all the characters in this series are just so unique and full of… well, CHARACTER. PLUS some really amazing worldbuilding that makes you want MORE.

    The whole movie series is worth watching (would love to see reactions to it, but if not then even on your own time.) And there's an entire series of animated shows as well as the movies, which are pretty great too (at least, I started watching them and suddenly it was Monday and what even is time, so like, take that as a recommendation I guess? :p) , though I think I only watched the first 3 seasons then I lost track of them.

    Love this reaction 😀

  11. HTTYD 2 & 3 … Future you will thank you for watching these too, but don't forget the tissues.

  12. Both sequels are worth it, and the tv shows are pretty good, too!

  13. Was that… Was that a Bananas in Pajamas reference I just heard?

  14. Such a nice movie! And the sequels too. They're from a book series, by the way. 😊

  15. So if you want a fanfic whose thesis agrees with you – that this was saving the dragons from enslavement, and that now Berk conquers the world – you should read the fanfic A Thing of Vikings. It's awesome!

  16. Simone is for sure gonna love all 3 of these

  17. top tier trilogies
    – Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises.
    – How to Train Your Dragon, How to Train Your Dragon 2, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.
    – Kung Fu Panda 1, 2, 3.

  18. One of the best series! Usually with sequels they are hit or miss, but with this one everything is worth watching, including the TV show! Toothless is one of my favorite animated characters, along with Stitch from Lilo & Stitch & Baymax from Big Hero 6. He really is like a big kitty cat LOL 🥰😸So glad you both enjoyed the movie! ~Caroline

  19. The three of them are awesome, wholesome and inspirational movies. Plus great humor and great animation!!!

  20. This is an EXTREMELY rare series. It’s not just good, it’s arguably the best animated movie ever made. Certainly the most loved. More impressive though, is that the sequels are BOTH just as good, if not better. This is one of the unfathomably few films that are “flawless”.

  21. Was George forgetting what he was about to say… or just struggling to get words out?

  22. You should definitely watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 and 3. Like the Kung Fu Panda trilogy, all 3 movies are excellent and wrap up the whole story very nicely at the end. The series only gets better and better, and the animation artwork and effects improve each movie as well.

  23. Fry and Laurie made a sketch SPECIFICALLY about man who is called the sound of a piece of wood hitting a wooden desk.

  24. Now I’m just envisioning Viking Simone sitting astride her tiny kitty with a saddle…

  25. You should definitely react to the sequels.

    Also the Blackberry movie.

  26. This trilogy is possibly the singular greatest trilogy of all time. Each are fantastic on their own, but together… absolutely spectacular.

  27. The animators did model Toothless on a cat. They wanted an animal that was charming and endearing, but also an asshole. Which clearly is a cat.

  28. Their thumbnails always creep me out😅😅

  29. Loved the reaction. Please watch the other two. The second is one of my favourite movies of all time and has some really well done emotion evoking scenes!

  30. "Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile"

    Funniest line in the movie, and it was adlibbed

  31. Yes. All three movies are great – I'll definitely recommend it all 🙂

  32. Names are just sounds we make to identify people. So when meeting new people, instead of asking what their name is, just ask what sound we can make to get their attention and let them know we are speaking to them.

  33. This movie will forever be up there for me as one of 2010's best animated movies. I'm so happy you two enjoyed it.
    Would highly recommend reacting to the two sequels. Collectively, they make a wonderful film trilogy.

  34. George has never seen ALADIN?!?!
    Put that on the List.
    Please Please Please.

  35. 30:59 – If the comments haven't been telling you that you have to watch the entire trilogy for both Kung Fu Panda and this then they've failed you SPECTACULARLY. While the 2nd installment of each is the best, the 3rd ones are still great in their own right.

  36. John Powell is frickin awesome writing the music for this movie.

    In the "test drive" scene, the first part of the music was Toothless theme. And Hiccup is not piloting the flight as he is still looking at cheat sheet.

    When Hiccup starts to take control and they dive down, it was Hiccup's theme.

    And when they fell bc of the cheat sheet is blown by the wind, it's chaotic and neither one of their theme.

    When Hiccup goes back to Toothless's back and Toothless deploy his wings, it was Toothless theme, Toothless is in control and as if asking Hiccup where are they going.

    And finally when Hiccup threw the cheat sheet, the music is both of their theme combined, as if they are trusting each other and working together to fly around the rocks.

    This movie is awesome!

  37. Is it only me who thinks it is not the eel the dragons dislike as such but the coloring of black and yellow suggesting the animal with that coloring is dangerous / poisonous / venomous ?

  38. You have to understand how it feels when you learn how to clutchless shift on a motorcycle. This is obviously way better, but one is real and I can teach you.

  39. All 3 movies, totally worth it! Also, the extended series, "DreamWorks Dragons", "Race to the Edge", and the final, straight-to -streaming movie, "Homecoming", are all worth watching and all Star the original cast from the theatrical release movies.

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