How To Train Your Dragon | High-Flying Dragon Games, Stunts & Sneezes! | Toy Pretend Play Series

Who likes hide and s…ACHOO?! Grab your favorite HTTYD toy and watch some high-flying dragon action! Toothless shows off an awesome trick and the dragons play some sky games!

Go bright and take flight with DragonsTales! Hiccup and Toothless are running short on sticks for their throw machine. Snotlout and Hookfang are running low on wood for target practice. Everyone is using wood to make things! But when the wood runs out what will they do? With Meatlug’s guidance the gang finds a stockpile of rocks, saving the forest and replenishing their resources. You’ve never seen Dragons like this before!

The adventure never ends with Legends Evolved Dragon and Viking toys. Bring home epic action with the most colorful Dragons ever! Power up your favorite Dragons in Legends Evolved accessories, then save the day with flying colors.Think you’re ready to be a hero? Then soar into adventure with Dragons!

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