How to win at the Dragon Cash slot machine 🎰 Demonstrated with Tips from a Tech ⭐️ Jackpot!

In today’s video we are covering how and when to play Dragon Cash Dragon Link to maximize your chances for success. Be sure to check out the library for more tip videos and game breakdowns from a slot tech!

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  1. I didn’t see you read the game rules like you always instruct. What happened? Good win.👍🏾

  2. Good win . I don't have the balls to bet $50 a spin😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Great session Brantley! I think I would've played down to $650 because the $2750 win got a profit of $1050 once the original $1700 is subtracted, so stopping at $650 would be an exact double up of $3400 in my mind. Of course it's easier said than done! 🤣

  4. I played that same machine, same $50 bet. I hit $16500 on an $8 lucky chance. Talk about high risk high reward. If there was lightning, I'd hit by the lightning that night.

  5. What’s the biggest win you had on slots personally

  6. Why is the minor more than the major on these machines ?

  7. This is another time I disagree with you. You're saying Dragon link but in the description and on the machine it says Dragon Cash.
    Dragon Cash is a bit higher in chances and they are more often found in high limit and more often the links are on the regular floor.
    I have MANY Jackpots playing Dragon link and Cash. I have never played $50. I usually play around $5 and have gotten many handpays.
    You into bonus often and it's why these games are so popular.
    Unless you're playing high limit you don't need a big bank.
    I usually have $300-500 and have gotten MANY handpays. Tons of people have won big and even gotten the grand betting small.
    There is a guy Jackpot Famous who does a great job of giving you tips and its worked for many.

    Congratulations on the hits and LOVE when you zoom in make those faces 😅😅😅

  8. I know people don’t like it but it’s my favorite slot machine. I think it’s perfect volatility and I have a lot of fun on it. My biggest wins always from the dragon. I love it . Thanks for this!

  9. I enjoy your videos but one this video I don't feel like I learned anything here

  10. I don’t know, I can go play dragon link with 40-60 bucks and will walk out with 400-500 🤷🏻‍♂️

  11. my friend made 15k from playing just mostly dragon link games this year.

  12. Nice videos this is a great slot machine ! Addicting

  13. Casually hitting a handpay must feel nice 😂😂😂💯

  14. I'm curious to know if free games in these types of high volatility games are pre-determined when you hit the button to begin the free games. Like Huff n more Puff when you get the 6 hats and hit the button it determines the full outcome then and there same with the 3 moons in this game.

  15. I always find it odd the minor is bigger than the major. Nice win.

  16. 10 minutes of play:
    Hits $2700 jackpot early (thank goodness)
    Loses the original budget of $1700
    Wins a bonus of $900
    Loses that as well
    Imagine if he didn’t get that line hit? In 10 minutes, you could be either going home sad. Running to the ATM for money you have no reason spending. Or my personal favorite, walking around the casino watching others while trying not to be rude.

    This may be the perfect video for high volatility games.

  17. I hit a 300 dollar on a 250 bet last year. I’ve always had great luck on this machine.

  18. Great session !!
    When it shows a lot of dead spins
    didn’t fast tap and you should of gone down to $1 at $25

  19. What do you do when your local casino doesnt seem to have many of the low volatility machines?

  20. One of my favorite games. I feel that the high limit games are much higher in volatility.

    I've hit the major 3 different times. Each were on penny, $1.50 per spin on 2 of those majors and the other major I was betting $1 per spin

  21. I didn’t think I’d ever see you playing this 😂, I love this game, I get excited when I get the orb bonus. I’ve won nice amounts on this but have also lost not nice amounts. Just regular Dragon Link..

  22. You have really upped your game on video quality- great job!

  23. I’m so glad you made this video! I love Dragon Link! There is a reason it’s the number one game in the world. Had a run on it once playing two games in the slot bank and won jackpot on the last chance spin! Incredible! Would love to hit a jackpot on last chance spin on the high limits version!

  24. How do casinos decide what machines to pull out? I used to have my favorite machines to play now they're gone! Is it because they constantly win?

  25. When you see the minor flash by like that do you stand a higher chance of it landing ?

  26. Dragon Cash is my favorite machine..but as you said, it's hard to win at with a limited budget. Which slots would you recommend for someone who has 1,000 budget?

  27. 1050 nice profit, time for a yellow jacket

  28. I won a major on a 50 cent bet 😂

  29. Great video and good content. Glad you hit a couple of bonuses.

  30. Hey Brantley, I’ve always wondered on this game and Buffalo Lightning Link when is it determined the grand will hit? At the start of the free games or orb bonus session or during the 3 spin orb session? Is it based on hits as you go or??? How does the RNG factor in the bonus spins. Love this game, thanks for sharing.

  31. Why do this video on a high limit machine? Most people aren't going to play this on high limits. Also for the love of God why do people keep saying "words" when they want a progressive? If you want the major, minor or mini just say that, not "words".

  32. But it's actually dragon cash,the high limit version of dragon link

  33. I dont feed the dragons ! They eat too much lol

  34. "Dragon Link" and "Dragon Cash" are related but they are not exactly the same. Both are popular slot machine games developed by Aristocrat, known for their engaging themes and the potential for high payouts, typically found in casinos around the world.

    Dragon Link** is a series of games that share common progressive jackpots and base games but differ in themes and bonus features. Each game in the series offers unique free game bonuses and special symbols. The Dragon Link series includes titles like "Autumn Moon," "Golden Century," "Happy & Prosperous," and "Panda Magic."

    Dragon Cash**, on the other hand, is similar in its progressive jackpot feature and also offers various themed games, but it tends to have slightly different gameplay mechanics and bonus structures. Dragon Cash games might offer different denominations and betting options compared to Dragon Link.

    While both game series are part of Aristocrat’s line of “Hold & Spin” feature slots and share some overarching features, each has its distinct variations in gameplay and thematic presentation.

  35. Is it better to play lower denom x max bet or higher denim lower bet?

  36. One of my favorites to play but my highest bet is $10 I’ve won a few hand pays bettin low ,hope u make it to Florida Hard rock one day…have u previewed dragon train 🚂 yet?

  37. Are you playing in the high limit room?

  38. Lol. That $2,750 jackpot on the sixth spin is why I had to stop watching your videos. I could play that game, same denom, same bet, put 10K through it, and get nothing.

  39. I recently visited my local casino I took advantage of my bonus play $175.00, $50.00 free chips and a $25.00 food voucher. I played top dollar & pinball my bank roll was $1,138.00 I didn’t win nothing big but enjoyed myself however I was to afraid to try anything new but after this video I will be giving it a try much ❤and 🙏🏾thx for sharing ✌🏾

  40. The best way to make $ on link games is to not play them. Play anything lower in volatility. So many people dump thousands into those games. Getting the grand does not get them out of the hole they find themselves in. I dont play those games even on the days i find myself up thousands by advantage playing. The highest volitility game i play with my profits is a 3 reel 9 line game with a major at $12k. It resets to $3k. I been trying for that since october when it was $9500.

  41. I was hoping for those 3 moons too! Solid video man 😎

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