I Become The ULTIMATE Predator In This Medieval Dragon Game

Welcome to this dragon game. I found it on steam – today we become the ultimate predator.
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  1. Baron use the phantom, it has a passive that deals extra damage to shields

  2. theres also a game called lair which is also about riding dragons and fighting on the

  3. You should check out west of dead it’s a twin stick Rogue like cover shooter

  4. Fjalnärr basin sounds like german but it can also be like a old viking thing/name

  5. I know a name for your baby dragon. Name him Squid.

  6. I’ve loved dragons since I was very young so seeing this makes me smile

  7. Now this looks like it’s as cool as war thunder!

  8. Ever since how to train your Dragon I’ve wanted to be a dragon rider without even knowing the game I’m downloading it

  9. This looks cool! A Dwagoon riding pvp, count me in.

  10. More.More.More.more.more give me more of this series pleeeeeeaaaaaaase!

  11. Just to clarify all console platforms receive this game in 2022! Get your hopes up!

  12. Baronvongame play star war hunt it's really fun

  13. I loved that game! I mean what not to love, fire, explosion aaaanndd drrraaaaagggooonsss

  14. Half of my family wants to see more and i would love to see more

  15. You need to play a lot more of this it is awesome

  16. I'd love to watch more. I'll have to check it out on PS5

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