I PERFECTED DougDoug’s D&D Game

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  1. I remember the times before Doug Doug's artist friend passed away

  2. i think it would also help if there was a list of some kind, reminding the current players of what moves they could potentially do, but it probably is a bit hard to fit all those actions without it covering the entire stream.

  3. don't forget the complex relationship between bard and wizard

  4. Honestly I feel like the characters need a complete overhaul, partly because the ending on the last one was too cinematic and partly because I think having custom, DougDoug themed characters would be hilarious! I bet Doug would be totally down to have you help out in creating interesting, balanced characters for the next challenge. I really wanna see characters from past DougDoug videos make a recurrence as D&D enemies or players.

  5. I absolutely think the heal spell should have been replaced with an ability that gave a player a reroll to use when they want instead. So another player could pull off something risky but epic. And maybe it could double as a curse if used on an enemy to make them reroll an action. He is the support class, but it's weird that he's being put on heal duty where he HAS to act on a need rather than on what he might want to do. It makes him uniquely unfree in his actions to have a heal spell. The characters should instead just have healing potions that they can use or trade. Wizard should have had an AOE attack, that's their entire thing. The lack of fireball was just absurd. Illusion was very good though. But remove both ice bolt and magic missile. Make their ranged attack be the strongest but with the risk of harming allies or themselves. That's what fits a wizard. Could also give her a shield spell to act as temporary hp to offset the loss of a heal spell. And while I don't reccommend it, if he wanted to make the wizard more accurate to DnD, he could remove a maximum heart in exchange for giving her another spell.
    He also ought to create a rogue who can appear in the event that a character actually dies. But otherwise I agree with this video and think Doug did a good job with what he had, while doing something so very new.

  6. They should and must add chihuahuas to dnd, and make them far too powerful, especially in packs

  7. Dog dogs dnd session is actually just a cool themed mission that is actually fairly normal

  8. Im glad to hear that you loved his dnd stream as much as i have! Barbarian was my favorite even with Wizard carrying

  9. Tbf, cleaning appliances are probably not that smart 😂

  10. Ok your book you were promoting Immediately reminded me of spirited away, and moving castle

  11. Blaine, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new Marvel TTRPG. I'm a huge marvel fan and really want to get it to play with my friends, but I'm worried we'll be disappointed by it and I wanted to hear a seasoned TTRPG player whose opinion I trust's thoughts, pros and cons of the system (even if it wasn't with any played experience, just hearing your thoughts after reading the rulebook would be invaluable)

  12. I think magic missle should stay since sometimes guaranteed damage is better then getting creative with summons or hoping you manage to make a pipe bomb out of ketchup bottles and milk. Tho seeing how beatifully chaotic chat is it might just be equal valiue

  13. Oh wonderful, so now the guy who literally lets his twitch chat make his content for him is using AI images and voice mimicking software. He’s so committed to being lazy that he’s willing to commit theft of people’s literal voices and painstaking artwork for profitable clout! What a moral character!
    (Seriously don’t use or promote AI, it’s stealing from and actually killing people via scams and suicide)

  14. 2:59 it actually was used to make giant enemy from first floor run away.

  15. bout to make half a million alts so i get picked next time he does this

  16. It would be funny if chat could play as the enemies.

  17. I think ray of frost as a concept is fine but it does need a rework. I suggest you get a -3 on your attack roll but as long as you don't critically fail the enemy's movement drops (to zero). Magic missile should be changed to something like pushing wind (moving an enemy into any direction you want) or fireball (aoe attack). Also give her something called something like stone blast which is basically a basic attack where you throw a rock. Combined with illusion this should conclude all her abilities and the once per stream ability polymorph can be removed.

    As for the rest I think a good fix would be to make little icons beneath the characters to show which ability was used/which ability each character has. Also for barbarian instead of making it a double attack it should be double action. As for the healing of the bard, for harder campaigns it could be changed so you either heal all by 1 heart or one by 3 hearts, with a 50/50 chance to revive.

  18. I unironically think playing actual DnD with DougDoug would be a blast.

  19. You forgot that Wizard can also do a kickflip off of almost anything.

  20. 10:07 I definitely remember the bard using cure wounds
    Even twice I think

  21. Nice vid. Kinda wish dougs stream or video was linked tho :/

  22. How did you forget Bert? He was, like, the main character.

  23. i would say you could make the once per stream be a once per 1-3 chatter

  24. I took Doug’s dnd game, changed nothing (other than playing actual dnd, not simplified) and had every 3 turns be a will save or you lose your turn. The players didn’t watch dougdougw and it ended with the bard named Shitler taking over the Walmart and using the staff to cure his brain cell disorder, left the other players to suffer from theirs, and turned the entire world into a nazi regime. Also Porky died.

  25. The edited version of DougDoug's game was essentially my "official" introduction to D&D. That really made me understand the basic game mechanics more. It makes me want to create a simplistic campaign myself. I do love to write, but I rarely write things down, I'm that self-conscious. So that's jumbled with a bunch of other story threads bouncing around in my brain.

  26. You would never run out of ideas

  27. Literally the one thing i would change about the stream would be not using ai art for the character profiles. Like man i love doug but they look so uncanny and personality-less and he literally ended up using people art in the video anyway. Honestly hoping next time he uses fanart for the profiles or smthn

  28. 5:22 this was the best part of the stream it’s a thing you can only see once because this was so dang funny

  29. Someone should turn this campain into an actual game

  30. I love Doug's streams, the guy is so creative and can come up with the most fun ways to entertain chat ever!! So cool you could find ways to balance out the chaoticness of this 😂

  31. I feel like barbarian should keep their double attack once per floor move but also give them another once per floor sense it’s weird he didn’t have a second once per floor.

  32. Honestly, if I ever played DnD I would prefer to play like this. Telling a deranged story and doing weird shit to deal with enemies is just so fun.

  33. I think it’d be better if he did a poll whenever someone tries to use a once per stream ability instead, so everyone could be in agreement

  34. I feel like a funny boss idea for another session would be the twitch chat: When it's the boss's turn, the rest of twitch chat votes on what they want to do, and clickmaps could be used to determine where they move

  35. Even if at the risk of cluttering the stream layout, I think a big step to improving all limited use abilities would be to just have an indicator for when they're ready. If there's a little glowy dot right next to your character, you're less likely to forget about the once per floor or such.

  36. Out of curiosity would Doug's rules be good for a non stream related game? I ask because I dm once for my family who were having fun but was clearly overwhelmed by the rules and states.

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