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  1. i think the once per stream abilitys should be once per player

  2. How do you let chat even have a character? I need a tutorial

  3. This made me cry, hearing you and many of the idols I admire talk about idol culture and how it makes them feel, just reminded me why I do what I do. I just hosted my first Idol Fes at my loca con and it was an outside event, I hope one day to get all the idols on a stage like the one you were on and maybe one day share the stage with everyone I admire!!!

  4. I think it would have been kinda funny if one of the chatters was a massive dnd nerd and just started spouting rules and actual dnd actions that most of the chat would be entirely lost on.

  5. great video, and got jumpscared by my twitch name at 2:20 lmao

  6. This breakdown made it not fun and too serious. I wanted to get more in D&D but this immediately killed it.

  7. The most fun part of this adventure wasn’t the abilities of the characters, but how Chat roleplayed them. Even people who came in late and knew nothing about who these characters were completely understood just from the little they saw what these characters were like so despite the constant player switching it never felt like the characters themselves had changed to much. The Barbarian was always a dorky, lovable idiot. The Bard was always a snarky douchebag. The Wizard was always ripping on the Bard. And I love how literally everyone just kept playing into the Divorce between the Bard and Wizard.

  8. 9:57I would give people some passive ability, and bard would have had heal wounds swapped with Song of Rest, or something like that, which would heal someone (or better off – everyone!) at the start of every floor.In that case Barbarian might have had the 4rth hp or something to taunt (for example, after each successful strike). Or may be something else, to be more passive and aligned with Song of Rest (decreasing ac of nearby enemies? A chance to block foes' attack against allies?). Sense danger? Yeah, i think sense danger + possibly defending nearby allies by increasing their ac by 1 or 2, i think would give people feelings and push interactions (sense danger for traps and etc would push you to talk about your findings)Then i would pick for wizard preferably something to up her magical abilities, which is hard… Possibly, some additional effect on each successful spell.Or she can cast illusion as a free action after successful main action. Might be too much, but would be super hype for chat.Gosh, now the bard doesn't have passive which grants anything creative…But vicious mockery is already super creative and free, so it might be okay.Either way, yes => changing wizard's spells is important cause his are not hype or creative (aside from illusion)May be Animate Object woud be great idea. Oh, i know! We don't give wizard free action illusion, but we give her either familiar or animate object as a passive! I mean it comes back at the start of each floor.And instead we give her Force Field spell. And may be invisibility.That would be both creative, and unique.And cantrip… We either change that Frostbite can freeze in place or give Lightning Laso so Chat can be creative to reach items, swing around during their kickflips or even collide enemies!Yes, Lightning Laso sounds really great.Yeah, that's my full take.Summary:Bard heals team each floor. Heal wounds swapped? (Calm Emotions?) Possibly has small bonus from Jack of all trades.Barbarian raises ally ac and can smell traps (+ saving throws has advantage?); and 4 hp?Wizard can Laso enemies, items or else; her spells are swapped to possibly: Force Field, Invisibility or teleport; each start of the floor respawns familiar or casts Animate Object.

  9. FOR EVERY LIKE THIS VIDEO GETS, ONE PERSON RIOTS FOR PART 2!Also mommy said it is my turn to get pinned comment.

  10. "mannequins coming to life" *plays dummy theme from Undertale… genius

  11. I would love to see how he would do in a Disneyland or Chuck E Cheese setting!

  12. What computer program is used in this campaign?

  13. I think it'd be helpful to have a chart somewhere onscreen that shows which abilities have been used so farYou'd still have to open the powerpoint to see the description for each ability, but a small onscreen chart would really help people keep track of what's been used and what's available

  14. I think the special abilities should have a per player basis. I’m thinking most players, even if aware of the abilities, wouldn’t want to use them because someone else might need them later. Binding them to every player rotation makes it so they are more likely to use them.

  15. with how the roomba was abused i was hoping the bard would recruit it so bad. make it turn against the evil washing machine.

  16. he said the roomba sucked him up "accidentally."

  17. Great video! that stream/VOD was probably one of my all time favouritesI’ll see if I can get someone to tell Doug about your suggestions Also loved the art Fishtail, if Berry let me make a supercut I’d love to include it in the actual narration

  18. Ray of frost should freeze a liquid floor hazard, making you slide.

  19. I enjoyed when Porky got used as a throwable weapon

  20. Editor is wrong there, there was definitely cure wound in the video 😛 it definitely is important, would be neat if it was a bit more to it, but it's needed for the game.

  21. Beating skyrim while a bunch of cheese weels spawn everywhere aged like a big mac

  22. I mean, hey, players did canonically have only 1 brain cell that they shared around

  23. 6:23 Thanks for unlocking a core memory! Time to listen to Blue Nocturne's rendition of Hellfire for 2 hours

  24. Loved the dnd stream, I actually got to be the wizard for a bit, definitely agree that it felt the most restricted but was still super fun

  25. what the lego dragon shows me is that dougdoug is STILL using ai generated art for his content. Good to know I can safely continue to ignore his channel completely.

  26. Just now noticed the outro music is prelude by fatrat lol

  27. IMO these attacks should be shown if they can be used one way or another.

  28. Dont take this the wrong way, but this is like walking into a wendys and suggesting they change their menu to include caviar. just nah man. sorry ):

  29. The Wizard's attacks weren't that exciting which made people go nuts with her.
    Kickfliping all over the place, drenching the entire room in milk etc.

  30. He should change the caracters at least for 2..3 sessions, so it doesnt become more of the same, and add new stuff (asking comunityy help) to give ideas.

  31. 0:14 still liking the video but it always annoys me when people call non-human sentient beings that eat humans/other sentient beings that aren't the same type as them cannibals.

  32. Garfield the Movie featuring Bill Murray says:

    Aw, I didn't show up 🙁
    -Captain P. Ness the bard

  33. The Barbarian should have been given an ability to take damage for another character.

  34. ah yes i love when doug doug does d&d streams with his chat

  35. Can we talk about all the art about the campaign made in this video though?? They go SO hard

  36. here is mine idea for wizards ability: chaos bolt, its an atack that when it connects, dougdoug or dm, will spin a wheel of effects which has good and bad effects , with small chance of being extremly good like taking control over enemy or terribly bad like healing the enemy. Rolling nat 1 will switch the will to only have terrible effects and nat 20 will only have great effects.

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