I PERFECTED DougDoug’s D&D Game

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  1. What sort of KidsWB [b/random] YouTube poop did I discover. The description is wild, nonsensical, and impossible to follow

  2. Dude DougDoug is streaming another RPG you gotta check it now on twitch!

  3. 2:06 The image with with a wizard holding a nailgun somehow makes me crack up.

  4. ….. you're right. We need another dougdoug rpg session like this, but better. Disneyland is a good setting…. maybe a circus of Hell as another one…. or a gigantic, evil, demon filled McDonalds.

  5. it be fun if you attempted a game in this style since he open sourced the chat player tool he made

  6. 10:06 real quick, he did multiple times in just very quick segments

  7. Anyone know where I can find all the fan art?? It looks so good yet I can’t find it anywhere!

  8. you watched it 4 times? I'm watching it 4 times a day

  9. 1:20 well that agged nicely considering the next dnd campaing was improv, in canada, and there were 6th graders all arround the land of canada.

  10. I remember tuning in to this stream and I tried to pull up the info so many times but it just was not working for me. The message wouldn't pop up for me so I really had no idea what the characters could do even if I got lucky and got to play.

  11. So all you did was change some abilities… and not9 even to anything specific… what a waste of time watching this

  12. It's funny fireball wasn't mentioned i cast fireball

  13. 1:22 "absolutely perfect" buddy… dougs new dnd campain was amazing. you cant improve on perfection. its a
    Pièce de résistance
    edit: i mean the new one he uploaded not new as in this one because its the first. english grama nix gut.

  14. This has probably been suggested already, but I think the once-per-stream moves should've been determined by a poll in chat. Then again, that might break the flow of the stream.

  15. little did they know, the next d&d game would be completely improvised and and stupid as possible.

  16. I love the drawings of the bard, wizard, and barbarian so much

  17. His next game wan't well "perfect"

  18. Now that he has released anither dnd video. I think it was the best possible dnd campaign. Loved the rat mafia

  19. DougDoug took none of this advice and just devolved the game further for round 2

  20. 6:20 oh no, he’s hotNow I see why the bard and wizard had an on-again and off-again relationship.

  21. update: his next D&D Game took these recommendations to heart, and made it 10x better

  22. Doug actually made another game of dnd, but he let chat decide pretty much everything that happens in the campaign.

  23. Well I’m pleased to tell you that he…

    did none of that and instead had twitch chat decide everything.

  24. walter wasn't a pushover, they just seduced the fuck out of him lmao
    also, cure wounds WAS used during the edited video, i believe more then once, and just because you don't like playing support (being a 'heal bot') doesn't mean no one does </3

  25. Hey this is DougDoug where we solve problems that no one has

  26. Say what you want, me using the frost beam to kill the Roomba by targeting the wet mop was dope. Good video!

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