I play and rate EVERY Double Dragon game ever made

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Double Dragon II PC Engine original translations by:

0:00 Double Dragon 1
01:48:07 Double Dragon II
03:49:48 Double Dragon III
05:01:22 Super Double Dragon
05:28:14 Battletoads/Double Dragon
06:22:09 Double Dragon V
06:51:27 Double Dragon NeoGeo
07:13:56 Double Dragon Advance
07:44:01 Double Dragon Mobile Games
07:48:00 Double Dragon Zeebo
08:04:50 Double Dragon Remake iOS
08:35:07 Double Dragon II X360 Remake
09:19:27 Double Dragon Neon
10:09:14 Double Dragon IV

Skelematt and BG art:

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  1. Probably the best 10hrs and 45 mins I’ve spent on you tube. “MARIAN!”

  2. Yup the Gameboy can produce some hot jams and soulful music with the correct composers.

  3. The HD Xbox version's alley animal was definitely a small bear, with that big round head and stubby muzzle.

  4. The Mega Drive version of DDII wasn't released before the NES version it was actually released two years later. The second Game Boy game wasn't called "Billy's Revenge" in Europe it was the Game Gear game which was called "The Revenge of Billy Lee". The Final boss in DDII wasn't called the "Shadow Master" he was called the "Mysterious Warrior" in game the manual for DDIII called him the "Supreme Black Shadow Sensei"

  5. You can actually pick up the crates in Double Dragon IV and throw them and they break open with misc weapons

  6. This has been an amazing Deep Dive!! Double Dragon 3 NES is my actual favorite game in the series even tho I know it is a minority opinion lol. Super Double Dragon is my 2nd favorite. P. S. I thought I was the only one of a select few that still can't beat double dragon 3 nes as an adult even after all these years of trying lol. Good Stuff!!

  7. I want them to port pc engine double dragon 2 to the switch too!

  8. I've noticed you kepted going on about the W logos in the super double dragon chapter. I'm guessing and I was told the the S logo stands for SHADOW & THE W FOR WARRIORS = SHADOW WARRIORS.

  9. The best thing about Double Dragon 3 on the Atari ST is the banger music.

  10. you tried hiting up minimme for them 2000s mobile games? he has a solid history of mobile java games

  11. Awesome video. As a Double Dragon fan, I learned a lot. My favorite version is the return of Double Dragon. Thank you. I appreciate the hard work you did. I give you 5 Bimmy's.

  12. There were a lot of stinkers but I still love the series.

  13. He should do a final fight one, every final fight just like this double dragon one but ff

  14. Dragon 4 is great! Grafx are a lil better than 1 2 3 but thats a good thing. If it aint broke dont fix it.

  15. I finally got to see this video and I learned all the different ways we can Fridge Mirian. I think that in Double Dragon 2 Billy or Jimmy don't even react with her being shot to death, they just come out of the garage like " Sigh Well, My girlfirend is dead. I guess I have to beat everyone again"

  16. Hey matt have you ever seen Regular Show? I feel like you would love that show

  17. The best double dragon video ever !! Is there anyway that you can contact the guy (Rocman?) that you played the double dragon mobile game with, and asked him to do a tutorial video showing all of the Sou-Setsu-Ken moves of that double dragon game? 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  18. @8:05:38 it would be awesome if we could see a move set demonstration 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  19. I'm 90% sure that the little plush friend in helicopter QTE in that God awful XBLA DD2 remake is a poring from Ragnarok Online

  20. The waterfall stage comes from technos samurai

  21. SHEEEEEEEEESH Almost 11 hours of content, I'm going to have to watch this over the next several days but I will watch it in full!

  22. As someone who owed a c-64, I can say that most ports and movie tie-ins were crap, but there were so many original titles of absolute class it is difficult to count them.

  23. How did you manage to play the mobile remake, Matt? I thought it was removed from the stores (unless it was actually released for iOS only).

  24. 5:13:48

    I had this as a kid and as with many games on the Super NES most remakes had the word Super on the title. So yeah, Super Double Dragon 😊

    I loved this version. I wish it was available on the eShop.

  25. …No love for the Tiger Electronics Double Dragon?

  26. The Double Dragon PC-Engine opening cutscene is truly the greatest thing.

  27. also man is it just me or is the Double Dragon Zeebo game actually SICK? I like the art!

  28. 10 hours video… 10 HOURS?! Are you mad bro ?

  29. The antithesis of short form content and I am HERE for it

  30. I really dig super double dragon for the snes! Such a underrated classic! Great graphics with massive amount of colors, details and smooth animations. Awesome music and lots of cool martial arts moves. This should have been on the snes classic mini. When you hear the name "nintendo" you think about mario, link, contra, castlevania and double dragon right away. This game needs more exposure. Forgive my bad english 😂

  31. Hey matt Double dragon advance and super double dragon is coming to PS 4 and switch next week

  32. Double dragon advanced and super double dragon hit the switch playstation and xbox today

  33. Wow, thanks so much for putting together such a massive compilation.

  34. I'm a bit behind, but I can confirm that having found an xbox 360!in decent condition, and having previously owned the 360 version of Double Dragon, it is indeed still a cat sat on top of the bin.
    Owning the full game allow the graphics filter to be switched to "original" on the fly and it is clearly a cat.

  35. 2:36:53 "Why would he put boxing gloves on?"
    To protect his hands, obviously 😇

    Real talk, though, that's what boxing gloves are for; they do next to nothing to cushion the impact the receiving party feels. After the introduction of gloves to the sport, boxers were suddenly able to punch much, much harder without as much risk of injury to their hands. So hand injury rates went down while other, arguably more critical injury rates went up.

  36. I just miss the variety in ports – some did the best with what they had and others found creative ways around the limitations, it was simply more open, you didn't have a publisher forcing multiple, standardized versions across different architecture, concurrently (😵you maniacs, you doomed us all !)

  37. Roper in the NES version is one ugly little spud.

  38. Growing up in the UK, raised on Weetabiz and Corn Flakes………then visiting the States and seeing a cereal aisle 😮

    I tried Golden Grahams and immediately wondered why my previous breakfasts had lacked the taste explosion…

  39. And I thought that 8 1/2 hour Bomberman video was epic…

  40. Somebody's gotta step up and name their kid Bimmy.

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