I play and rate EVERY Double Dragon game ever made

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Double Dragon II PC Engine original translations by:

0:00 Double Dragon 1
01:48:07 Double Dragon II
03:49:48 Double Dragon III
05:01:22 Super Double Dragon
05:28:14 Battletoads/Double Dragon
06:22:09 Double Dragon V
06:51:27 Double Dragon NeoGeo
07:13:56 Double Dragon Advance
07:44:01 Double Dragon Mobile Games
07:48:00 Double Dragon Zeebo
08:04:50 Double Dragon Remake iOS
08:35:07 Double Dragon II X360 Remake
09:19:27 Double Dragon Neon
10:09:14 Double Dragon IV

Skelematt and BG art:

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  1. The slimes from the terrible XBOX 360 Double Dragon II remake seem to be the 'Porings', mascot slimes from Ragnarok Online, as Gravity developed both games

  2. This is some great content. Thank you for putting it together!

    The plush mascot seen at 8:49:00 is a Poring from Ragnarok Online: an early 2000's era South Korean MMO developed by Gravity, one of the company names shown on the title screen. It's basically what a Slime is to Dragon Quest.

    EDIT: Beaten like a short Gameboy Battletoads Linda

  3. Your reaction when Billy picked up the gun for the first time and started shooting people cracked me up

  4. Battletoads n double dragon on the nes had the sickest music

  5. I inserted a lot of coins in these games after school.

  6. Ten hours and about 30 days later, I've come to the end of this journey. Thanks, Matt, and the squad of editors who worked on this. That really helped me chill out quite a lot

  7. DD3 on the Amiga can't be real. It's closer to a slide show than an actual game.

  8. I can't believe he didn't call out the Willy in the MSX version looked like Duffman…

  9. I'm just here for the obscure DSP references.

  10. Amazing video, a real masterpiece. big shout-out to your editors. The little cutaways never failed to give me a laugh everyone involved in this epic deserves so much praise 👏 ohh and thank you for showing my beloved amstrad CPC, those ports were my childhood x😊

  11. Oh yeah, all that talk about emulation being for preservation of rare and unavailable games? 100% bunk. The most effort is going into building emulators for systems and games that you can legitimately buy at the time the emulator is being worked on. If there was ever going to be a Zeebo emulator, it would have been when the thing was still on market. Now that there's at least 3 active systems on market, it's those 3 that all emulation efforts are being focused on, and even then only the most popular or ubiquitous ones will probably have a usable emulator made by the time it's off market.

  12. You just press the fuckin button in the direction you wanna attack. Not complicated ya dummy.

  13. Thank you editor for changing the Amiga Double Dragon music. The other music was hurting my ears.

  14. Would the Double Dragon Kunio-Kun pack be on par with the Toaplan collections from M2? Does it include every version ever or only have the NES iterations? I bring this up because the Toaplan Arcade Garages (Zero Wing upcoming so prepare all your bases because Cats is coming for us, please be Truxton/Tatsujin next year) include the NES, PC Engine and Mega Drive ports of whatever exists of whatever game (no western PC ports though), I wanna know if the Double Dragon Kunio collection is similar to that.

  15. Wow, that is an insane amount of dedication! Absolutely amazing! Massive respect!

  16. What steam collection was the nes double dragons on

  17. The first glitch is after the fence where you can back away from the enemy then go back and hit the spot where they were to get all your hearts in the first level

  18. The 2600 was great for its time, but it had reason to try to port any arcade game that came out after 1981

  19. 1 is the best. I get why the creator only likes it, the fighting is brutal. It isn't magical or too martial arts orientated.

  20. I wish they made a Double Dragon for the Virtual Boy, I would have melted my retinas staring at that dumpster fire.

  21. Been watching this (and twfg) for the past 4 days as I have a terrible tonsil infection and am battling a 39c+ fever so can't really do much.
    For some reason standard "comfort food" didn't work to help pass the time, but this hits the spot. Nice pacing and editing.

  22. Thought 4 marion was just a different girlfriend with the same name lol

  23. Is it a bad thing that I've watched this three time (so far)? I guess insomnia has its upside!

  24. Getting to the good end of the awful Double Dragon 2 remake is like getting to the second loop of some CAVE games which obviously aren’t in the same genre but similar requirements, am I right? Only those CAVE games were awesome. Hey Matt, ever played Ketsui? You can get it easily on the PS4/5. You’ll know what I mean if you ever tried to get to the second loop. “You have to git gud to get the best ending!” like the devs were saying. Also, those CAVE TFBs don’t allow you to bomb them. If you do, they protect themselves from it and it only erases the bullets. “Fuck you, no bomb for you!” Might as well be a giant middle finger covering most of the screen.

  25. I remember the first time playing Double Dragon as a kid in an arcade in Montreal. It was a birthday party, and the games were set to free so I played forever. I was hooked on that, and the arcade Ninja Gaiden. Man I miss the old button mashers.

  26. I finished the video finally and jumped on the xbox store to check out Double Dragon 4.

    The description says it takes place right after Double Dragon 2 so this is the real Double Dragon 3?

  27. DD Neon did a better 25th year homage to Megaman than Capcom did!

  28. The Amiga version of DD1 looks much like the Atari ST version… as I understand it, Amiga had more beefy hardware than the Atari ST and the same(ish?) CPU, so direct ports from Atari to Amiga were cheap to make but the original port had better be good one…
    (Kind of like the many "port this game from ZX to MSX over the weekend" cases… meaning slower screen updates and ignoring the hardware sprites on MSX. The MSX port of DD1 here was obvs. not one of these. The sprites are monochromatic — colour + transparency only — so every different colour on the player character is a different sprite (actually two, because the player is too tall to for only one sprite. And probably to avoid sprite flickering, the enemy characters look like they are made of 8×8 background tiles that are just shuffled around in 8-pixel increments. Watching some longplay of the Zemina version, there's apparently a green Abobo later)

    In case another equally thorough game is produced, may I request a speaker/note icons in two forms at the corner of the screen telling if the sound effects and/or music is original to the game?

  29. The head of the Statue of Liberty on the Empire State Building spire 😘🤌 chef's kiss

  30. Double Dragon Neon is the actual best Double Dragon and it's not even close.

  31. Too bad Lima Bean wasn't available to pull 2P co-op. Maybe he can climb down from the vents when you do a TMNT retrospective.

  32. 7:58:00 that boss is so much like Mrs Y from streets of rage 4 ! Even some of the moves are the same. Blown my mind

  33. If anything this really shows how Double Dragon is probably the most mismanaged IP in gaming history.

  34. Boring how the single player adventure became a fighting game. Whatever.

  35. 5:23:30 SW (the Snake/Dragon is the "S") must stands for Shadow Warriors 😉

  36. On double dragon the green guy is named Jeff I know this comment is late but I just saw the video you do great work

  37. Awesome!
    I didn’t think I would watch it all but I did! Bravo my friend 👍🏼👍🏼

  38. C=64 was better for originals, not ports…

  39. Mode 0 was the 16 colour mode for the amstrad and the mode 0 games were pretty consistently UGLY

  40. I saw the 2600 version in a shop back in the day. On the front of the box it had the audacity to say "Put away your quarters! Play double dragon at home!"

  41. That zeebo or IOS version needs remade or ported. Holy shit.

  42. Stick dudes sprite in Double Dragon 2 on the PC engire looks like he should be beating up JCVD in Cyborg.

  43. Double Dragon 3 for NES was the best version of that game. That game doesn’t get enough credit. Yes I know it’s tough, I know it’s frustrating, but if they only gave you some continues or lives, it would be liked way more. I’ve gotten to the final boss a few times in my life, but damn she’s hard.

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