I Played Minecraft Dragon Block C as a EVIL SAIYAN For 100 DAYS… This Is What Happened

This video, I play as Turles The EVIL SAIYAN in Minecraft Dragon Block C 100 days! I decided to do Turles The Evil Saiyan 100 days in Dragon Block C! I hope you enjoy, and if you want to see me do a 200 days in dragon block c minecraft, do #200days in the comments!

#goku #dragonblockc #dragonball #100days

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  1. Very late commentBut hear me out. 200 days as Granolah or Moro.

  2. Experience Dragon Block C – the ultimate Minecraft mod! Train, quest, and battle in the Dragon Ball universe. With CustomNPCsPlus, JFamilyC, JourneyMap, and JYearsC mods, unleash your potential and rise to greatness. Adventure awaits! Join my forge server, the port is THEDBC.aternos.me:17124

  3. How to get god Ki as evil saiyan? Since you need ssg for the main story

  4. I loved it so much 😏😏😏☺️🙂

  5. Can you post the fixed mod pack because my DBC pack is broken sadly

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