I Tried To Kill The Dragon …but I MARRIED & Had BABIES With It Instead?!

Found another cute but “creepy” game called Kill The Dragon, a choose your own adventure game that goes so wrong so fast…

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  1. Me reading the title: I tried to kill the dragon…. WAIT IS SHE GONNA PLAY MINECRAFT

  2. Please play her tears were my light it's a good game 💜💜

  3. Everything is a and desicion EXCEPT for finding out about you

  4. Fun fact: who made the game is a weirdo

  5. My YouTube channel is named the Telstra dim phones

  6. lauren. I made u Lol But i cant Photo It Plz Help me

  7. me: sees the title
    me: just when i thought i had a break from bards

  8. I uhhh i think the game is called marry the dragon now Bcs of lauren😅 ( I was also confused bcs of the title😃👍 )

  9. How did the dragon and Lauren's player did it😶

  10. turns out 100% of people that read this comment are legally sussy baka´s

  11. The person turned to stone because he began his life as a statue submerged in the ocean

  12. kill the dragon!
    also the game:
    ending 2 be stone and literally be thrown into the ocean and never be seen again
    ending 1 Mary the dragon and literally have babies-

  13. Your the best YouTuber ever we watch you all the time

  14. oh look its like those enemies to lovers books-

  15. Lauren I've never been more confused by your title 😶

  16. It’s so cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute😚😚😚😚😚😚

  17. There was another good ending but since you died so much you didn’t really get the ending your word of the day

  18. By the way there’s no second love ending

  19. Manlybadasshero: 'I think I might have started this game's whole career'

  20. Cute but weird and makes bad decisions." lauren in one sentence

  21. Lol, the title is a little… Okay, that's so much better 😂

    Oh God, the ending!!!!!! How is that a good ending!??!!


  23. I like how her channel turned from actual steam games that people put work into making it into mindless money grabbing mobile games

  24. Melody, grown up: Mom, who's really my dad?
    Lauren looking back and forth between Bobby and this dragon: Listen can we just pretend you're adopted

  25. We need more Dark luxury and life of luxury I’m in love with those videos I love those videos I need those videos :p

  26. You should do tomadachi videos more! I probably spelled it wrong but oh well😌

  27. Game :Kill the dragon it’s evil

    Lauren:has kids and marries the dragon

  28. Me not seeing the title properly: Oh! Lauren uploaded!
    Me reading the title: uh? Where did Bobby go?-

  29. But why not 11 minutes and 11 secs

  30. I literally just saw another of my fav youtubers play this game. Is this like a trend or something?

  31. i have a request if you have anytime to play games can you try out genshin impact? its a nice game.

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