I’m worried EVER AFTER HIGH’S DRAGON GAMES will make my head explode in anger – SHATTER THE MIRROR

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  1. Yeah Snow White’s a bitch. (lol I wrote such a big paragraph in reaction to Apple but nah. Snow doesn’t deserve much more than this )

  2. I love that Raven knew immediately why Apple was asking her about her mom. It shows that they have grown and become closer, close enough that they know each other pretty well 😂 Great detail they wrote in

  3. I think the mirror that aren’t the fancy big one are like the windows and then the fancy big one is like the door. So Evil Queen can look through the windows but she can only go through the door

  4. I feel so bad that the “evil” dragons are trapped in a little stall 😭

  5. I’m glad you keep watching these it’s my favorite show ever, but I’m warning you your going to be disappointed when you get to the winter special and realize the show was cancelled 🙁


  7. Yo i was watching this video and at 11:11 his eyes looked almost red. kinda crazy. looks cool tho

  8. LOVE your commentary Matt!! I remember EAH like it was yesterday 😂

  9. RAHH I WAS A LITTLE LATE TO WATCHING THIS(due to binge listening to chonny jashes new songs) BUT IM HERE NOW (if anyone recognizes me from discord, just say so lmao)

  10. React to Apple white and raven Queen switched at birth theory!! 😆

  11. To be fair to Apple, literally every adult in her life has manipulated her at every possible moment for this entire series.

  12. This special is actually what made me fall in love w Apple

    It's clear that her Mother doesn't truly care for her but rather her image — Apple clinges onto her mother for validation as a result. Feeling loved by all; except for the one person she looks up to

    Which is how The Evil Queen breaks free — poking at where it hurts the most for her; the ache that she'll never being good enough to her mother

    also in the books she had a huge insecurity w her blonde hair, as it wasn't like her mothers or other Snow whites that came before

    Ofc she was conditioned into believing a lot of ignorant stuff (which is not a surprise w how her mother is ) — but a lot of her actions also deals w her fear of not being perfect enough (and unpredictability from trauma she faced in the books)

  13. Mathew’s hate for Apple is never not entertaining 😂😂 (also very relatable lol)

  14. I have been waiting for this for ever after!!! Thank youuuu

  15. We need a compilation of every time Mathew has ranted about Apple

  16. I really love how the books elaborated more on Apple's character and help you understand why she is the way that she is. When she was little, she fell down a well and was rescued a while later. That incident showed her that outside of her fairytale, everything else in her life was completely uncertain. She became so strict about following her destiny because she was scared, and if she played her part perfectly, then she would know everything that happened and could eliminate the fear of the unknown. The predictability of destiny helped her feel safe. Added to that was her being born an "imperfect" Snow White. Her hair was blonde instead of dark as ebony like in the fairy tale, and her subjects didn't like that for the first few years of her life until she proved herself to be kind and just and like her mother in every other way. She feels the need to prove that she can be a perfect Snow White despite how she was born. She also needs to wear glasses, but doesn't because it's just another reminder of her "imperfections."

    Add the pressure of her mother always reminding her to follow her destiny and be number 1, and the pressure of every other adult in her life reminding her that she's the future queen and needs to be as "perfect" as her mother, and it's easier to understand why she ended up the way that she did. And they're in high school —she's 16 in the show. I know I definitely wouldn't have been able to handle that pressure at 16.

  17. Wait! The evil queen is snow white's stepmother. She was married to Snow's dad which would suggest that Apple's grandfather is Raven's dad. Making Apple, Raven's niece.😮

  18. Apple white defenders sounds so stupid ngl cause yeah she's an awful person raised by awful people. That's not an excuse?? Would you forgive a bully just cause they themselves were raised with violence? Someone's past can make you understand a person, but it would rarely actually excuse their actions. Nothing about how she was raised can excuse her knowingly pushing her friends to the most horrible destiny just so she can have her own happy ending("oh but she dies, and that's scary" for a day😐. Meanwhile Raven will be imprisoned for eternity, Briar will outgrow all the people she loves and sleeps for hundred years etc.) She fully knows their destiny and that didn't make her even second guess herself. She didn't have a single hesitation or doubt. She obviously doesn't have a working moral compass if she struggled thay hard to have sympathy for her friends. How did Raven grow to be such a sweetheart, the daughter of an actual villain, but people are still finding excuses for apple? I have no idea personally

  19. To be fair, it's supposedly easier to recognize evil by passing evil lessons. And Raven is still technically a villain's daughter. The school is for both heroes and villains so…

  20. Could you please react to "P1Harmony Vlives are so chaotic.." by P1eceofcake. I personally love your reactions and would love for you to react to this video ❤❤❤❤

  21. Another day of asking you to listen to songs from Dead End Paranormal Park

  22. Day 13 of asking you to listen to “the last day of summer” and “good kid” from the Percy Jackson musical

  23. Please make an ever after high playlist on your channel

  24. i think it’d be funny if he reacted to the our drawings movie

  25. Lowkey kinda wanna hear raven sing evil like me from descendants. Seems fitting tbh

  26. We' Alll' Need' More ~ More ~ More

  27. Ur videos are probably horror for Apple lovers… Good thing im a fellow hater

  28. In defense of Apple, she was handfed her happily ever after. She had a destiny handed to her on a silver plate, she cares about her family and Raven, but she still wants that happily ever after

  29. Favorite lines in the whole video
    4:57 " it will be like shopping, only world domination "
    5:11 " and practice some deep breathing raven
    6:55 " comfortably ever after, those are some standards, there's happily ever after, its nice it'll be comfortable "
    13:30 " she maybe evil but she's a bad b*tch "
    15:18 " there's all this poetry and then there's " make me a high school student " And more great lines in the video, but over all great video 😃😌👌

  30. Ngl I kinda hate how ppl hate on Apple White and act like she’s not a victim of emotional abuse and insanely high standards. I’ve always resonated with her as someone who was pressured by abusive parents to not only be great but be perfect to a point where I didn’t know who I was. Apple canonically is extremely insecure abt her weight, her appearance and her glasses in the books because her mother has drilled it into her head that she has to be perfect. Ik people who only watch the show may not know that but I still want to put it out there that she’s an incredibly 3 dimensional character.


  32. Is it just me or do I remember this episode being longer?? Lol. Its been forever since I watched this show. I could have sworn this episode had the dappling kiss…??

  33. Do you think he knows about the theory that raven and apple were switched at birth?

  34. I'll always be an Apple White defender. My girl deserves her happy ending <3

  35. Anyone ever hear the theory that Apple and Raven were switched at birth?

  36. I'm kinda surprised Snow knew that was the Evil Queen. The Evil Queen looked extremely different when she was a teenager, but ig when she rode Nevermore, she knew only she knew how to ride a dragon, let alone Nevermore

  37. i´m here for the apple bashing, i love mathews reactions to her

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