Imagine Dragons x JID – Enemy (Live At The Game Awards)

Imagine Dragons featuring J.I.D performing “Enemy” (from the series Arcane League of Legends) live at The Game Awards 2021

Listen to Enemy:

“Build That Wall (Zia’s Theme)”, from the Bastion Original Soundtrack.
Music and Lyrics by Darren Korb. Vocals by Ashley Barrett.

Listen to Build That Wall:

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  1. Super, súper, que rollooon !! Wow !!🥳

  2. Imaginedragons = no auto tune🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Me my channel thish uploaded 😉 and views 2.5lakks in 2 days

  4. She would be a great addition to the band lol. Their voices mesh so good together.
    This is the first time i heard enemy out of a reel or a TikTok. I thought this was the original one tbh. The songs build up so well together


  6. What the fk ? This guy had a song text on the floor ?

  7. I did not meant to listen this I was searching for Believer and saw this masterpiece👌

  8. Me Imagine Dragons Fan

  9. I love how proud he was when he got through his verse. I love this performance so much

  10. Lets see who else is watching this in 2023 🔥🖤

  11. Im a fan can you do more song's please cool song

  12. This guy make the song with goosebumps put in their songs the energy feels whenever I listen songs great singer🔥🔥🔥

  13. I have goosebumps!!
    Most Energetic Song Ever in History!!

  14. This is the most powerful band in the world or galaxy

  15. If people are impressed by JID here they should see how his own concerts are

  16. çok fazla beğendim çok güzel bir şarkı likee attım

  17. i hate imagine dragons ruining this beautiful song, the better experience is playing Bastion and listening to the Narrator talking to the player about the lore. not this lame ass version of some pop band.

  18. Esse vídeo é muito bom não sei quantas vezes já voltei aqui e a parte que o JID manda aquele flow insano e no fim vai ficando feliz é sensacional, nem sei quantas vezes já estive aqui nesse vídeo

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