Infinity Strash: DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai | Gameplay Overview Trailer

Learn more about the Disciples of Avan – Dai, Popp, Maam and Hyunckel – and the unique gameplay features for Infinity Strash: DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai!

Launching worldwide digitally on September 28, 2023, for PlayStation®5 (PS5™), PlayStation®4 (PS4™), Nintendo Switch™, Xbox Series X|S™ and PC via Steam® and the Microsoft Store.

Pre-order now to receive the DRAGON QUEST III Legendary Hero Outfit for Dai & The Hero’s Tutor Bond Memory.

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  1. Damn. They are never beating those name butcher allegations for Maam.

  2. There is a difference from Preferred due to the remake of the anime
    In 1992, it was an episode of Series 47
    Dai and baran
    And in the year 2020, episode 25

  3. Physical copies are up on Play Asia. Cant wait!

  4. As long as this game includes the Japanese dub, we good to go

  5. Brazilian Portuguese subtitles please 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  6. This looks really bad ! – Fei Fong Wong

  7. The game should be the whole anime …not till chapter 41 …and not just digital but japan got a disc

  8. I'm buying it to make sure they make part 2 💯 support and I've wanted this a long time ago

  9. Hyped. To all of the mainline DQ or DQ in general fans. We will get DQXII and DQIII 2D-HD sooner or later. GODDDDD!!!!!!!

  10. Feels more like a fighting game than an action rpg

  11. Let's support the game and show that this anime/manga has a fan base outside Japan, this game deserve a sequel. Tthe producer is really enthusiastic about a 2nd game. So the commercial sucess is up to us now!

  12. Can we get more volumes of the manga in English, please? They just kinda stopped after volume 5. Also a DVD or Bluray of the anime would be nice, too.

  13. Get on dragon quest builders 3 wil ya but this looks tight

  14. I’m so excited to play the game.
    I just hope that people get to experience it as well cause the anime is awesome.😊

  15. Only up to episode 41? That's… unexpected… I'll still buy it, but I hope it gets a part 2.

  16. Can’t wait! This, then dq monsters! And then eventually dq 12 😊🥳

  17. A shame this is only covering half of the story. Maybe they had development issues but it's so disappointing.

  18. need performance comparison between switch vs ps5 or steam

  19. Still doesn't show much in terms of story. How do you progress? Will I just select a chapter then watch some cutscenes followed by a fight, then another cutscene? Can I freely move around an overworld? This is what I want to know before I purchase.

  20. Is the adventure part deliberately omitted from the trailer ? Or has the game changed ?

  21. No crocodine as playable character, sad

  22. This looks more like an arena fighter where you just go through chapters fighting enemies. With the words "DRAGON QUEST" in the title, I was hoping this game was gonna play similar to Dragon Quest 11 where you go on a big grand adventure with your comrades traversing through landscapes and maybe sailing through seas as the story unfolds. If this is mainly what the game has to offer from what is shown in the trailer then I'm not as eager to play it anymore.

  23. I never played dragon quest before but this one looks really fun

  24. Why is this NOT getting a physical release in the West? Do you NOT want to build Dragon Quest’s following in the United States?? Guess I will order from Play-Asia…

  25. I hope with this that Saturday morning anime games are making a come back, let’s go🤩

  26. I got my start on that series since 2015 when Heroes spin off came out. I also like the idea of the Bond Memories though.

  27. I really hoped that we would get to move around the world freely instead of it just being combat. Sadly this doesn't seem to be the case. Very disappointed 🙁

  28. Please , subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese , please , please , please

  29. I really hope the game comes out as a good game, then we can get a part 2 pr even a proper JRPG style Dai game in the style of DQ11/DQ4

  30. That was a fantastically effective trailer. The narrator was great, the video itself was very informative and the action was exciting. It absolutely made me want to get the game. If I only have one concern (if you can even call it that), it's just that it's a little weird seeing actual Toriyama-designed Dragon Quest monsters in the game, when The Adventures of Dai manga looks absolutely nothing like Toriyama's work. The story and characters in the manga could also barely even be described as 'Dragon Quest", despite the fact that it's still good.

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