It’s TIME for THIS To Happen in Dragon Ball LEGENDS!

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  1. another ssj goku who needs a zenkai is the RED F2P instant transmission ssj goku

  2. Not before frieza saga campaign will get a zenkai

  3. I don't have revival goku or have lf ssj3 goku zenkaid once as he's not 7 stars yet, what are some recommendations to switch them out if possible?

  4. They need to zenkai this dude so he would get back to meta and show who is the boss since he is the first and he would destroy and age long

  5. You can now get that guy to 7 stat for free in begginer reward

  6. He just needs ki recovery, cover null, cut pen, card draw speed and blast armor on his blue/ult…easy peezy lol

  7. Fuck Zenkai, give us character balance changes

  8. Since we are talking about zenkais, legends limeted tag super saiyan blue goku and vegeta, should get one

  9. Playbox, I’m begging you to please make a tutorial video on how you make dragon ball legends content on YouTube! 🙏🙏🙏

  10. His zenkai needs to grant blast armour on his ult

  11. One of my favorite moments when he turned super sayian

  12. Ay this is one I strongly agree with also the future ssj trunks vid you tried to make and failed because how as he is well now is the time since he is on the boost in pvp

  13. Why not a tag shallot giblet both ssg with a tag switch gauge like zbros or gammas (five tag switch to fill it ful) then they fuse into their fusion (id remember the name) with a purple health bar for 1min or 30/45sec they defuse when the time rjun out or if the health bar is at 0
    With cover change strike cor shallot and blast for giblet strike and blast for the fusion
    Type is strike for shallot blast for giblet and defense for the fusion

  14. This is exactly why I will never play PVP. No matter how skilled you are, lag switchers and salty garbos exist. I don’t even know HOW you could even do it for a mobile device. PC I can kinda understand but mobile? You must be some type of desperate.

    I’m still trying to understand certain tech on playing the game like using vanish while using strike cards, cause that seems to be like some “on the fly” type of skills, y’know? But I just don’t know the rhythm to them.

    But aside from that little thing, I’m just gonna straight up say, I’m playing Legends to have fun, not to sweat and stress myself from all the meta statistics considering I’m a F2P, I’m not gonna sit here and say that I’m a god of the game, hell nah. Sure, losing hurts the soul but it seems to me that even winning somehow doesn’t feel good either.

  15. He's my only ultra rn and he is my strongest character rn. He has carried me thru pvp and the story so much, an ultra zenkai would be insane tho

  16. Bro why you build a renged team for melee ultraku?,he not perform so much good also for this

  17. I mean we get a semi relevant zenkai or another summonable verion of Ultra SSJ Goku, choose your poison people

  18. I actually started in late 2021 my first ultra was him. I was very excited but nowadays he doesn’t really compete he needs a ZenKai for sure I actually came back to Dragon Ball in 2023 so I barely got 14 star a few days ago.

  19. What summon did you get the goku that’s starts out blue then goes ui sign

  20. Bro was garbo from the beginning, he wasn't even a threat. Comparing him to the first ptp ultra gogeta, Goku has such an underwhelming kit

  21. Hey I remember that guy on the third battle I fought him once almost lost to him cuz I didn't have a strong equipment then

  22. Who just thinks its funny when ever he is raging.

  23. the strike damage on jiren was like that bc jiren in some time he just nullifies the damage of color advantage so yeah thats why and we know jiren is a good tanky

  24. both he and the ultra vegita got the ssj4 gogeta treatment, they noticed how crap they made them so they gave them a plat way too soon, the plat couldn't be too powerful because of how recently they had added the unit, same went for gogeta, instead of waiting a bit to give them a PROPER plat equip, or better yet gave them the gofrieza treatment and just outright buff them, they gave them a mid plat, years later they cant give them a plat to buff them cause they already have one, with gogeta it's more fine cause he will most likely get a zenkai but with this goku and the vegita it's more weird to give them zenkais cause of them being ultras

  25. Kind of a shame we haven’t gotten another free ultra since they started summonable ones. They said they’d keep doing both and since it’s the equivalent of LR’s for dokkan they’ve kept putting free ones out every now and then. Plus leaving off on Omega just feels kinda weird idk.

  26. One day “zenkai awakening for vegito ultra blue and gogeta blue ultra”

  27. i think ultra vegeta need zenkai more than ultra ssj goku

  28. “If he dies here, he might die”

    true words of wisdom

  29. My suggestion would be… to remove him from the game, he sucks

  30. I love when my rushes get guessed by unicelular creaturies as well, trully the peak of PVP.

  31. personally i think the only ultra's that should get zenkai's are f2p unless they increase the chances of getting a summonable ultra which they wont

  32. I mean I agree he needs it….but ultra omega needs it more

  33. I think super saiyan goku deserves the zenkai.
    Not any of the new ultras though.

  34. Red goku 14 stars with Z+ equipment is good enough he’s good for yellow only element factors

  35. When goku ssj ULTRA Finally gets an ZENKAI When he gonna surpass Vegito Blue ULTRA

  36. Bruh the last guy was pain in the ass 💀💀💀😭😭😭

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