It’s TIME for THIS To Happen in Dragon Ball LEGENDS!

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  1. I HOPE THEY DO HES THE ONLY ULTRA I HAVE.But he's old so his zenkai not really gonna be insane.

  2. Oh hey! Ssj goku has a blast cover change, Vegeta has a strike cover change, and omega is just downright bad 😀

  3. He’s still good I used him with bardock crits and he one shotted ultra rosé 😌

  4. I remember unlocking him with my friend! We spend like 3 days at his place grinding to get him 7*!! Please Toshi give him a good Zenkai PLEASE!!!

  5. I will love him to get a Zenkai for ultra SSJ because he’s very iconic and a lot of people disrespect him and it will be nice for the meta

  6. It’s sad that I spent more then 10,000 cc on ultra vegito and still didn’t get him 😢😢😢

  7. Time for F2P Ultra expect Omega Shenron to get a Zenkai

  8. UL Ssj Goku shouldve gotten a zenkai when UL GB came out.

  9. The lag player make me mad when i'm win they lag me and I lose or they using a good team the lag me the whole game then i lose.

  10. Revisit red android 21. She is still powerful to this day

  11. I hope we get one more F2P ultra in the form of final form Frieza too to complete the Frieza saga trinity
    Also miss using him when I didn't know how to make teams and the most ability bonus I had was 1700
    His only real problem is the ki issue

  12. I'm quitting the game I didn't get gofrieza I didn't get op I didn't get gamma an I didn't get uvb an I'm f2p an I didn't get cell pvp is unbalanced

  13. I don’t think they’re gonna give ULTRAs a whole zenkai but I think they can definitely boost them like they did GoFrieza and UL Omega Shenron needs to be boosted the most.

  14. Luckily i have him at 14 stars so if he gets a zenkai im ready btw love ur videos sòoooooooooooooo sooooooooo sooooooooooo much best dbl youtuber ever hope u get 100k subs❤❤

  15. Tbh if legends did zenkai my favorite ultra (even though he's bad) they wouldn't make him that good since he is a f2p unit. Toshi sucks fr

  16. Ultra ssj and omega should have never been free ultras

  17. im back lend me ur account hehehee playyy box……

  18. maybe they can give ultra platinum equipment or something.

  19. If he gets a zenkai it will break the meta.

  20. I told you I'm in every video in the comments 😈

  21. How do we see that power thing at the bottom?

  22. that last guy had the 1 mb per second wifi speed

  23. That ultra came out on my birthday so it was like a birthday present from legends

  24. This Goku just needs ki, and some damage inflicted and hes fine. Maybe if bandai wants to go crazy throw in some cover null on main and some lock in or 3 counts. But thats pushing it I think.

  25. F2P ultra sucks so hard that I thought that even sparking characters better. Even when they were added to the game. He really needs a Zenkai.

  26. Everyone: wanting a zenkai for UL ssj goku

    Me: wanting a UL ssg goku or a UL full power frieza

  27. If he gets it people Will just leaving th match

  28. If he gets a zenkai as a f2p unit a kit like him would be like huge special dmg and ult dmg us one shot and the dmg between before zenkai is 2x stronger now and more endurance

  29. i think its hard to zenkai because he's free unit😢

  30. The last match pissed me off so much i had to go into dbl and destroy every single laggy ass person

  31. Last match made me pissed and I wasn't even playing

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