It’s TIME for THIS To Happen in Dragon Ball LEGENDS!

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  1. FIRST
    Edit: I also agree
    Last edit sorry: I’m wishing for the gammas and I’ve used over 20000 cc and this is probably my last wish

  2. What 😨😨😨 are you serious 😳

  3. Naw even without the zenkai he EASILY one shots uvb by just standing there

  4. F2p character prediction? (Can only be a unit that exists cuz no way they are creating new animations)

  5. How would ultra Zenkai’s work tho?. BTW Love the video. Keep it up

  6. He's gonna be very disgusting when he gets a zenkai

  7. What is the best fusion in dragon ball history? Vegito, Gogeta, or Kefla

  8. YOOOOO i lowkey asked for this video i hope he gets a zenkai he would be so tuff

  9. I don't think we rlly need a zenkai but we rlly need plats for ultras (specially f2p) legends just won't do it !!

  10. Ayy, I love this unit! Keep up the great work goat! Also, I heard that for the 25th anniversary there will be an ultra playbox!

  11. Man this is the only F2p ultra that can actually can cook now with zenkai damn that would be a good unit

  12. Ultra zenkai? Next thing you know rose getting one💀

  13. Hope he gets a zenkai soon it will be fun seeing him in the meta again.

  14. All of the f2p ultra units may be forgotten mostly, but they still reside inside of me. I can feel all of then inside of me at once. When you were making this video you could feel them inside you too, playbox.

  15. If ultras are gonna get zenkai it will change the whole meta

  16. Ahh hell nah bro this shit is getting weird I was about to tell u to use zenkai red ssj goku 💀

  17. I PULLED 17 IN MY FIRST ROTATION!! It so much easier dealing with UVB now since his counter blue card does half the damage

  18. I need you guys to pray so I can get a new lf

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