Jon Snow rides a dragon | Game of Thrones Season 8

Jon and Daenerys arrive in Winterfell and are met with skepticism. Daenerys decides to visit her dragons when she hears they’re not eating well and presents Jon Snow with a challenge.

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  1. After watching house of dragons it becomes increasingly ridiculous (or impressive) that Dany and Jon can ride dragons without the saddles. Vhagar almost killed Aemond in that first flight if he didn't have that rope.

  2. Look Drogon Mum found me a male human rider success at last.

  3. We were robbed…… robbed…… of a Dragon vs Dragon showdown in the season finale… When Daenerys gave the order to burn King's landing from the back of Drogon……. John should have been there on the back of Rhaegal to oppose her.

  4. Still pissed he bonded with the dragon named after his father only to have that dragon die a couple episodes later.

  5. Ya know I forget and I absolutely refuse to rewatch the final season, but….did Jon ever ride the damn thing IN BATTLE?!

  6. I dont like the fact that they can ride the dragons without a saddle, in the show they dont ride a horse without a saddle but a dragon that flies nah no saddle needed

  7. The conversation should have gone like this.
    Jon: Hey Dany, can I ask you something.
    Dany: Sure
    Jon: I want to ride a dragon, but not sure if I can, will you teach me.
    Dany: Oh, no problemo. It's easy.
    3 easy steps, that's all you need to do.
    Jon: Really
    Dany: follow me, step 1 – mount on your dragon (Jon does)
    Dany: Step 2, hold on to whatever you can (Jon does as he says, "ok, so far, so good, this is NOT hard as I thought it to be, " thinks Jon)
    Jon: Hey Dany, this seems to be easy, what;s the next step
    Dany (As she preps to fly with Drogon): Fly………….
    Jon (As he struggles to hold on while Rhaegal takes off switfly): Noooooooooooooooooooooo

  8. Dragón no le agrada el nuevo novio (en su cabeza la bezoo aaaahhh)

  9. HotD showed how hard it is to claim a dragon and yet Jon just doesn't claim him at all and just climbs on his back. There's not even a bit of resistance from Rhaegal.
    If you compare it to Aemond trying to claim Vhagar or the dragon in the pit or to Daemon trying to claim Vermithor we can see that dragons are not easy to claim and they even fight against being claimed.

  10. After watching the prequel, S8 is a piece of garbage.

  11. Would have been cool if rhagael lived till the end out off all Danny’s dragons he was my favourite and it was even cooler since John was riding the dragon off his fathers name sake but i I understand why he had to die it was another reason for Danny to be pushed over the edge and since rhagael and jon bonded he probably would have followed him past the wall so him having a dire wolf and a dragon with a stupidly insane growth rate would have meant a easy life for him

  12. Am I the only one that thinks that the Type Dragon Balerion & Drogon are the best looking out of all other Dragon Types? Better than Vhagar, Mayles, Meraxes and Caraxes

  13. Good on Rhaegal for choosing Jon as his rider…
    Couldn't have chose a fairer man than him.

  14. Ol’ boy Rhaegal looked like he always wanted a rider.

  15. Looks like Eret picked up a thing or two about dragon riding from Astrid

  16. DROGON to Jon be like “Dracaris!”🔥😅😅😅

  17. wasent dragon raiders animated? KEK HE HE HE …

  18. The last two Targaryens it’s comforting to know that their both still alive in the books

  19. Greek Macedonian We Greeks Are The Same As Gypsies says:

    Now they need some armour. The main problem is armouring the wings.. But still if this is a world of magic why don't they utilize it properly to make metal highly durable and at the same time not effin up the membranic nature which makes wings fly the dragon?

  20. I like how drogon impersonates the attitude of a son when their mother gets with a new man, I find it hilarious.

  21. After watching HotD, where they give more importance to the way dragons are trained, commanded, and bonded with, it's absolutely crazy that Dany let Jon climb on Rhaegal like that. It's the equivalent of going "oh yeah sure you can just go ahead and climb on my horse that has never been ridden before without knowing any of the basic commands and also without any tack to actually keep you on there. Just hang on :)" in the real world, which would most likely end in injury or worse. The fact that the writers thought this was possible with a DRAGON when most sensible ppl wouldn't even try this with a horse, shows a lot imo

  22. Rhaegal was such a good dragon. Not quite as big as Drogon but still very powerful and had a good look and he accepted Jon right away. It's sad what happened to Rhaegal and Viserion.

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  24. I was so dirty when Rhaegal got shot down, like wtf I was expecting Jon and Dany to both be riding in the battle of kings landing

  25. When a Dragon smiles at you, you better find cover fast

  26. After watching HOTD my respect for danaerys 📈 for riding the dragon without saddle and other things.

  27. Snow should had taken control of the dragon but the way rheagal was killed was bs. Just to hype up the final battle.

  28. Rhaegal is the same size as Syrax
    Drogon is a bit smaller than Caraxes

    Imagine the big size of Vhagar if she made it to Game of Thrones, Drogon got no chance against Vhagar.

  29. I always wonder how none of the people at the time of GOT didn't know that only Targaryen's can ride dragons because of the blood magic that was performed eons ago. All the stories point that. They could have instantly figured out that Jon was a Targaryen

  30. This scene as amazing as it is… it's so stupid. Daenerys was like 'I am the dragon' and killed her brother. Now Jon is riding a dragon and she doesn't question it? Also Aemond riding Vhagar in HoTD shows how hard it is to ride a dragon. You need a saddle and you can't just hold on to anything.

  31. Am I the only one laughing at Tyrions, Davoses and Varyses faces when they see Jon onn a dragon

  32. Ejderyanın anasını götürüyolar valla 😅😅

  33. I’ve always wondered, since the dragons were always good to him, if they knew or sensed, he has Targaryen blood within him. After all, the Targaryen family has that magic that allows them to ride dragons, right?

  34. Amo la serie e amo Jon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  35. it would be cool if viserion was alive before this scene so that dany could tell john to try and ride viserion becauses hes more docile to build on his character. As he is meant to be less violent than his brothers.

  36. I didn't appreciate Emelia Clarke the first 4 times I saw this show, but she really did transform from terrified little girl to formidable and quick to anger queen over the course of the show.,

  37. Such a letdown though. This could have ended on an epic note.

  38. No one pointed how jon snow rides dragon the whole show was a shit because of D&D fuck thrm

  39. Its amazing time an time again people rewatch these clips

  40. does she really let him fly that beast just like that? What about H&S regulations??

  41. Viserion and Rhaegal never should've been killed. It breaks my heart everytime. ❤️

  42. She had no idea that Dragon would allow Jon to ride it. It's almost as if she was willing to get him killed.

  43. "You cannot ride the dragon."

    -Daario Naharis

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