Jon Snow rides a dragon | Game of Thrones Season 8

Jon and Daenerys arrive in Winterfell and are met with skepticism. Daenerys decides to visit her dragons when she hears they’re not eating well and presents Jon Snow with a challenge.

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  1. Together they could've brought House Targaryen back to its former glory. Its a shame how it ended and how this was passed by like a normal thing, they are not pets, the only way Jon could Mount Rhaegal was to bond with him thru his blood. Then no one cared and killed the dragon in the most bs scene… Smh bro

  2. Didn’t George Lucas have involvement in directing this scene?

  3. Drogon: well if it isnt the cousin banging homewrecker. No dragon rides for you
    Rhagal: Dibs on new rider.

  4. After HoD I never realized how small Danys dragons were.

  5. Now imagine this, in the current show of HOTD, you could only tame or bond with a dragon once it obeys your first command.

    imagine Jon imitated Dany saying dracarys and accidentally yoinked one of Dany's dragons… 💀💀💀

    EDIT: (if this was anyone but Jon, rhaegal wouldn't allow them to ride, but since Jon snow had valyrian blood he was able to mount rhaegal)

  6. I can’t watch this scene seriously knowing his fun bags were twisted riding the “dragon” 😂😂

  7. Plot Twist: On the new Jon Snow sequel. This is where Drogon took Danaerys to after Jon Stabbed her. Jon Rides North of the wall and meets her here.

  8. The dragons said well it runs to the blood line 💀💀

  9. It’s cold up ere for a southern girl …. Uh Arrhh

  10. Tbh caraxes is cool and all but these dragons are my fav their designs just suit them appropriately

  11. There are still my favorite despite there size ,or how badass they are

  12. ,,,DROGON…you eating my momas mouth 😡…😂😂

  13. It’s only been a few years.. but why do the cgi look so awkward? The lighting doesn’t quite match up in a lot of the sequences

  14. They did Rhaegal dirty 😢 In my mind he lives lol

  15. A rare moment of dany and Jon just having fun.

  16. Drogon and Rhaegal is Seasmoke's sons

  17. Esta seri ya acabo no o este es otra tenporada

  18. Rhaegal was so happy he finally had a rider, he deserved better. Fuck D&D.

  19. So is rhaegal now jon snow's dragon? He chose his rider. Dany only rides drogon though?

  20. Remember when we thought these were pretty big?

  21. I wonder if rhaeghal would listen to anything jon would be say. For example attack Daenerys. We know a dragon can only loyal to one person

  22. and you killed the mother!!! how dare you!!!!

  23. Came back to this after watch HOD and now that Daenerys is dead can Jon claim her dragon now

  24. Theory: Dragons test their riders worthiness by flying high then nose diving towards the ground…Vhagar did the same thing to Aemond on his first ride.

  25. Online for him to feel righteousness and betray her

  26. I've never rode a dragon. While sober at least.

  27. Yeah, this happens to you when you have a rich girlfriend.

  28. Memories of riding a motorcycle in the winter comes to mind watching this scene. That's brisk!!

  29. O CGI era bem melhor que house OF dragon, got era muito melhor nisso:(

  30. House of the dragon can’t touch the original cast. Strange forced diversity in the casting on top of no personality in most😢

  31. the writers really missed a chance to spin a great story out of this one.

  32. After watching HOTD S1 you can really feel the difference is sizes between Drogon/Rhaegal compared to a ancient and old beast like Vhagar; basically we thought Drogon was a brute force unstoppable dragon but he is nothing more than a tiny lizard if put againts Vhagar. Unbelievable.
    Can't wait for THE DANCE OF THE DRAGONS.

  33. This was complete give away to his bloodline ffs

  34. Another stupid thing, why didn't they have saddles made… Tyruin got one made for bran ffs, its not like it was lost technology, season 8 really was trash

  35. I always imagine Jon getting burned by dragon fire and then coming through the flames unharmed with with silver hair.

  36. How Danny doesn't realise he just bonded with a dragon cause of his blood is frustrating

  37. I know Jon and Drogon will find their way back to each other in the prequal and I know Drogon will be almost as big as Vhagar

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