Jon Snow rides a dragon | Game of Thrones Season 8

Jon and Daenerys arrive in Winterfell and are met with skepticism. Daenerys decides to visit her dragons when she hears they’re not eating well and presents Jon Snow with a challenge.

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  1. Jon getting comfortable with the dragons like my friend getting comfortable with my pitbulls after I told him they don't bite

  2. It's a shame that the only good parts of the later seasons were…moments. This flight is one of them.

  3. I truly loved the moments these two had they would have made an excellent king and queen with their two kids aka dragons but the iron throne is just to corruptive also that face drogon gives jon is just priceless 😂😂


    Больные люди. Хотя и людьми вас назвать невозможно.

  5. I think that there have been no dragons in the West since ancient times, and everything is imagined out of thin air, because no dragons or dragon remains have been found in the West. It is different in the East. There are dragon corpses in Japanese temples. If it is impossible to kill a dragon like their Western characters, they will not make a specimen of the dragon or leave the remains for the public to see. So the so-called dragons in the West may be just some human beings who have done some bad things that can't be seen, and put these bad things on the dragon, the scapegoat.😂

  6. Not even Varys,that great bearer of secrets knew of Jon's true origins,so one can see the shock on his face when he saw the bastard of a northern lord riding a dragon

  7. Like how they didn't fly until they held on

  8. RIP baby Rhaegal 🙁 That dragon deserved a rider that would at least mention his untimely death.

  9. After watching HoTD I just realized Daenerys rode those beasts in hard mode😂😂

  10. Strange theory: what if tyrion lannister is half targaryon. He could have ridden viserion and all three could have restarted the targaryon dynasty…. Wdyt?

  11. Rhaegal looking at jon like “quit moaning climb” gets my every time lol

  12. Daenerys is so beautiful especially in white and in the snow 🤍

  13. Jon Snow is the only character in this series who rode two dragons. 💀

  14. I think that if they do a remake I hope they pick a jon and Daenerys with chemistry lol

  15. Season 8 was disappointing but when Jon rode Rhaegal, well that was one of my favorite scenes. Same with riding him in the Long Night.

  16. The one thing they got wrong is the imprinting the moment Jon claimed rhaegal he should’ve stayed with Jon that’s how it works unless rhaegal felt loyalty towards his family but still.

  17. Kinda suprised Jon did not send out a warg link…. then again i guess he might have done so and not even known it.

  18. Daenerys has no idea that Jon is the son of Rhaegar. If I was Dany and I saw Jon claim Rhaegal as his dragon, I would be suspicious because how can Ned Stark's bastard claim my dragon if there's not a bit of valyrian blood with the Starks. I guess D&D forgot that only valyrians can claim dragons, they made dragons same as horses lol.

  19. So beautifully made. No Jurasic park world. This Dragons was made amazingly, moves, characters..

  20. Last true dragon flight, full of dying magic

  21. Первый раз посмотрела игру пристолов.Путин как дракон,добрый чел,но не дай боже разозлить…..всем добра!!!🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹🌹💒

  22. What is it with kit harrington and dragons? Why does it work so damn well.

  23. Man, the dialogue in season 8 was atrocious…Jon: "I don't know how to ride a dragon."Dany: "Nobody does, until they ride a dragon."Dany: "We could stay for a thousand years, no one would find us."Jon: "We'd be pretty old."HURRR DURRR 😵‍💫😫

  24. Gigante cm limozina
    Sin limozna la pnr😊

  25. Drogon be like ' how can this man kissing his own aunt' 😂

  26. Some very cheeky editing! Well done!

  27. The way that dragon stared at him kissing her lol

  28. I don't care he's a bastard. John Snow is my King!

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