Jon Snow rides a dragon | Game of Thrones Season 8

Jon and Daenerys arrive in Winterfell and are met with skepticism. Daenerys decides to visit her dragons when she hears they’re not eating well and presents Jon Snow with a challenge.

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  1. The look the he gave jon.. stop fuckin your aunt man

  2. Mind of Jamal ( The Black Southerner) says:

    He looking like bro that's your aunt

  3. Mind of Jamal ( The Black Southerner) says:

    For those of us who saw this scene was like someone is lying about this boy background

  4. So apparently anyone that has Vis in their name is just cursed so it makes sense now that viserion was the first to die.

  5. It's cold up here for a southern girl. So keep your queen warm.

  6. I love how make they own fables in the show

  7. Lannisters and targaryans are just top notch incest promoters…lol

  8. Not the first dragon he mounted, cheeky bastard

  9. You'd think someone living would have been able to tell John that he must be a dragonseed and related to Dany because he could ride a dragon

  10. One of my all time FAV shows!! <3

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