Jon Snow rides a dragon | Game of Thrones Season 8

Jon and Daenerys arrive in Winterfell and are met with skepticism. Daenerys decides to visit her dragons when she hears they’re not eating well and presents Jon Snow with a challenge.

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  1. 1:12 I like that the dragons know they should fly when people get in a holding posture, just like squeezing a horse with your legs to tell them to move, except that the dragons were never trained, they're just smart.

  2. The yhad time to relax meanwhile night king is coming wtf is this long night should start 1st episode and end on 6

  3. They forgot that Tyrion can construct saddle for Dany like he did for Bran

  4. Hated this season but seeing Jon on the dragon named after his father fucking rules

  5. I would have loved for Tyrion to get a ride. Dude had serious reverence for them.

  6. Now imagine if that was balerion or vhagar lol

  7. Ich liebe Rhaegals Gefiedel. Er quiekt so niedlich 🥰(1:55), das ich es mir immer wieder anschauen muss.😍💛💚

  8. they managed to somehow make this so uneventful

  9. This must feel like riding F16, from outside, in winter

  10. Imagine if Rhaegal survived, and accompanied Jon Snow back to the wall with Ghost? Jon still not sure about dragon riding but Ghost somehow riding shot gun like a champ and loving every minute. And Ghost and Rhaegal being besties

  11. After this scene i was like cool, Jon is going to ride a dragon and have an epic battle!

  12. I still think till this day that that dragon was not giving Jon Snow the evil eye but the eye of I’m pretty sure he’s a Targaryen

  13. They're so small compared to HOTD dragons 😂😂

  14. I just hate it how rheagal and versarion where killed off so easily and stupidly 😢

  15. Why wasn't home dragon always with him after this? He should have never been away from him after this ride. It was now his dragon

  16. Images of John had to confront Danny on dragon back to fight her at the end of game of thrones, not just stab her face to face. One last dragon battle. Woah

  17. why did nobody tell them these things arent dragons?? theyre wyvenrs

  18. Drogon don’t play about his mommy. He probably hatched first

  19. hrvatski općenito je zapravo jezik zmajeva

  20. "Then I've enjoyed your company, Jon Snow." Dany was a savage, once upon a time.

  21. 🐲Drogon was jealous😂🤣
    That stare😂🤣

  22. “But what if he doesn’t want me to?”
    “Then I’ve enjoyed your company Jon Snow.”
    Had me cackling

  23. Whether dragon or not no child likes his mother being kissed in front of them

  24. The dragons know whats up. "Wait he smells like a Targaryen too though!""…aw, thats flat nasty."

  25. the part where rhaegal opened his wings and soared once he got the the bottom was beautiful. goosebumps every time

  26. great acting i guess gettting your alls pinch helped

  27. I mean, come on. They set up a dragon/rider battle between Danaerys and Jon perfectly, and then threw it away for some bullshit.

  28. The look the he gave jon.. stop fuckin your aunt man

  29. Mind of Jamal ( The Black Southerner) says:

    He looking like bro that's your aunt

  30. Mind of Jamal ( The Black Southerner) says:

    For those of us who saw this scene was like someone is lying about this boy background

  31. So apparently anyone that has Vis in their name is just cursed so it makes sense now that viserion was the first to die.

  32. It's cold up here for a southern girl. So keep your queen warm.

  33. I love how make they own fables in the show

  34. Lannisters and targaryans are just top notch incest promoters…lol

  35. Not the first dragon he mounted, cheeky bastard

  36. You'd think someone living would have been able to tell John that he must be a dragonseed and related to Dany because he could ride a dragon

  37. One of my all time FAV shows!! <3

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