Kill Marry Kiss but With A Dragon – Kill The Dragon – All True Endings & Deaths

Let’s play Kill Marry Kiss with a dragon, or maybe we’re playing choose your own horrific death, dragon edition. Either way we’re getting all true endings and deaths in Kill the Dragon.

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Kill The Dragon is a choose your own adventure game. You go in search for the dragon to kill but watch out because there are gruesome deaths ahead!

This game was originally developed inside my other game called NO LOVE. Now it’s available as its own standalone game! I had a lot of fun making it so I hope you have fun playing it



On a keyboard

Z to confirm

X to cancel

Arrow keys to move

On a gamepad

A to confirm

B to cancel

D-pad to move

On a mouse

Left click to confirm

Right click to cancel

You can also use special keys while on a personal computer (PC).

Press the (F3) key to fit window.

Press the (F4) key to fullscreen.

Press the (F5) key to reload the game.

Also, holding down the confirm or cancel key speeds up the text. That is all, have fun!


Warning: This game is not for little children. There are some horrific and scary deaths. Cartoon violence.


Song: GoodKhaos M
Artist: Jeremy LaDuke

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  1. Marry the dragon and have half dragon babies, the dragon was the Bard apparently

  2. "That might have been the worse ending yet…. Or the best depending on who you are"

    This is unbelievably universal

  3. All endings (i found) : 2

    1:45"in love"

    6:46"the cure"

    Tell me if i miss something =/

  4. If I had to choose which ending I prefer, it'd be "In Love" because the hero still got to live their life.

  5. Just so you remember the character your playing is female. I can tell this due to 1:45 ( In love ending ) because the character is wearing a bride dress and is pregnant in the final image. The dragon seems female but it’s actually male.

  6. suck in to its but death

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