Learning L5R | Unicorn v. Dragon – Game One

Find the Dragon decklist here –
Find the Unicorn decklist here –

Jump right in and learn Legend of the Five Rings with us, starting with Unicorn Clan v. Dragon Clan! Rules will be missed. Awful decisions will be made. This is what it looks like when you sink your teeth into a new system.

Head to our Learning L5R blog below to find decklists for these clans, general deck building advice, and other videos in this series!



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  1. You guys got me into SW Destiny and it looks like the same will be happening for this! Thank you for the excellent video as per usual, keep up the outstanding quality and I hope you both and anyone else involved in TC are safe during these odd times.

  2. Watching this in 2021! I picked up the core set at release and scared my wife with the rules, but over the last few years we have been able to tackle some more games of GoT lcg and Force of Will so she has been excited to play again. I forgot literally everything it seems but remember and love these older videos. Hope to get a first game going by next weekend.

  3. On 47'20”, could you really use Miamoto's ability? I am because the text says "while this character is participating in a conflict" but Miamoto was not participating in the conflict. Am I misunderstanding something?

  4. Watching 3-7-21 and subscribing. Years later my dudes!!

  5. Watching 3.5 "years from now". 🙂 Keep up the great work guys…this video (and the fact that FFG is ending it) made me finally jump in!

  6. Watching this in march 2021 and leaving a comment as u asked
    Btw, thx for ur content!

  7. I have just picked up a core set and am watching this mid pandemic april 2021

  8. You guys are doing an absolutely stellar job! Happily watched all your Netrunner videos and now making my way through L5R. And will probably continue on I to the next and the next. Thanks for the fun and brilliantly concise nature of your vids! P.S. 3 years on and gladly leaving a comment

  9. May 2021: just got the starter pack! Cant wait to try out the game

  10. per your request comment noting I am watching this for the first time nearly 4 years later.

  11. 6:35 ummm I’m from that future, but also from that past. I dialed this up because I needed inspiration on how to film a teach & play. IMO this L5R series you guys put together is the pinnacle of teach & play.

  12. Hmm Hi from 3 years in the future me trying to find new games cus covid.

  13. Watching August 2021, four years latter. After getting hooked into Netrunner, Ashes and Fab because of you I decided to check this one out. The complexity is fascinating and the aesthetics top notch. As always, watching you two is a pleasure and super fun.

  14. Watching this in 2021, bought this game the other day with my gf. Learning the basic rules didn't take long but there's so much more to this game and this video was very helpful to improve our plays as well as entertaining! Thanks guys!

  15. Leaving a comment from 4 years in the future because you said you wanted it haha.

    A friend and I are jumping back into the game after a several year hiatus, starting from the 3 core experience. These videos have been great for just remembering what was cool about each clan out of the core set. Thank you!

  16. Hi! Watching this tutorial in 2021! As you guys said at the beginning, comment if you watch this video 4 years after!
    I found L5R in sale with a big discount and wanted to try it, it seems amazing.

  17. I'm watching this 4 years later. Letting you know, since you wanted to know…

  18. 4 years later… just bought the set at half price at the flgs

  19. After more than 4 years… Start getting in love with the game and ur videos!

  20. Several years from "NOW" …thank you for this Video! Very intrigued by L5R …the new and the Old!

  21. 6:42 I am watching this at the end of 2021 as I prepare to buy all the released cards for this game.

  22. Just bought the core set a few days ago and have already played a couple of games. These are the best tutorial videos I can find, not just because of how clear everything is, but because you're both friendly and professional without trying to be an edgy comedy channel. This is like the Bob Ross of gaming channels.

  23. Love this game!! The CCG was/is one of my favorites, and the LCG ranks high for me; 2nd tier behind games like VtES and Netrunner.

    Can't wait to go through all the gameplays!! You two always do such a great job of walking the viewers through the plan instead of just a playthrough!!

    Steven, I make no promises about not commenting on all these videos because we both know I probably will!!

    Unicorn and Dragon are both such cool clans and only got more strategies as more carss came out. I love a fast moving Unicorn swarm and am a big fan of the Dragon Monk/Tatoo deck.
    Scorpion loyalist at heart though!!

  24. Yup, still watching 2022. These videos really give a good sense of how the game plays in practice, and it's fascinating to watch.

  25. Watching in 2022 – Going to introduce my wife to this game. Wish me luck!

  26. noooo this is a bastred version of the real game by AEG. Go play the good game

  27. This is honestly the very best playthrough I’ve ever seen.

  28. 4 years after as i just bought the core set a few days ago

  29. Yep 4yrs later here I am, awesome video gents 👍

  30. 5 years. Getting the core set off of my brother in 2 days. Wanted to remind myself how cool this game!

  31. watching this in 2022. just recently found out this game got bought out and discontinued. i'm now trying to go around and snag up a copy of each expansion. great tutorial, thanks for explaining.

  32. Hey! I'm that guy who ended up watching this video four years in the futur! XD

  33. So I've watched all your l5r videos several times on 2 different accounts actually. I play l5r whenever I can. If you have any left over Sakura tokens is there any chance I could get some? They're so expensive and it's not easy to get people into the game but it would mean so much to me! Please and thank you.

  34. This is my third time coming back to this series. Some of the best content out there

  35. Hello its me 4 years later relearning the game

  36. @48:34 XD A Political Challenge where both parties are aggressively increasing their Military output .. aaaah, that made me laugh

  37. I am watching this apparently 5 years later, recently picked up the game and love your videos on it, very helpful.

  38. I am a new player to this LCG but am thrilled with what I'm seeing. This looks so fun.

  39. 5 years later, still watching these old videos to fall asleep lol

  40. I am watching this 5 years from when it was posted

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