Legendary Dragon Scene Game of Thrones Season 5 (HD)

HBO’s Game of Throne Season 5 Episode 9 Legendary Scene


  1. She’s having this moment trying to pet her dragon, meanwhile dudes are still chucking spears at him!

  2. I really like the voice of dragon so much accurate !!!! So unique and so realistic

  3. Just realised now this is sort of also foreshadowing Jon's meeting with Drogon, same anger initially… Then the 'okay I got you too 'bast*rd'… King… pity it went nowhere 😕

  4. I don't think Drogon ever went very far from her for very long. He wasn't going to be caged but he still protected her.

  5. that dragon shakes the bad guys like a jack russell terrier shakes a rat

  6. The best dragon entry from house of dragon just uploaded on my channel

  7. This scene was so bad written in the show. In the books, it is 1000% better, I can even HEAR the Targaryen theme in my mind just by reading it.

  8. wasnt there a clip of this scene on youtube that had like 100 million views?

  9. Drogonis at most Arrax or Syraxes in size, but he was Balerion Incarnate, we can have such a nice spinn off in th lands of the asshai !

  10. Meh… she dies in the end and they give the kingdom to a cripple.

  11. Back when I first saw this I thought he was huge, now WOW.

  12. This is the first time Dany has rode one of her dragons right?

  13. the most unbelievable part of this scene is the amount of people aimlessly running around in the stands.

  14. Cock-els, Muscles (mussels), Bearded Clams! Oh dear God…

  15. I love this scene but „soves“ sounds so much better than „fla“.

  16. наебалово видео от силы 480

  17. Drogon was like, no one can harm my mother !!! Soo awesome 👏

  18. I would really looooooooooooooooove another series like this maybe with a deferent title but same people (Jon snow , Stark sisters ,teriyan Lannister , king bran the broken , grand maester Sam ……. etc
    Who thinks the same

  19. अनन्य यश पाण्डेय says:

    Denaerys must have been really enjoying siting on the dragon back. If you know what I mean.

  20. How did all those spikes not get in her coochie? Edit: Nevermind. I think I just realized why Dany never needed a harness like peeps in HOTD did. 🤣

  21. Her baby returns to her home because she called them to help her

  22. This scene is an all time iconic televisual moment.

  23. Nice rescue, but what about your friends left in the arena still outnumbered 25-1.

  24. What a scene would love them to redo the last season

  25. After final season 8 .. I am disappointed and feeling sad .. don't know why but it hurts 🥲🥲🥲

  26. This whole sequence was brilliant. Best of season 5 alongside the massacre at hardhome.

  27. И никто не догадался кинуть копьё в Дейенерис

  28. Fuck the HBO and Writer He Killed The Mother of Dragons in last episode And make her Role Very Negative to make an end to Their Most liked Role. She was not deserved like it ending make me very Sad. the Sansa Who She Love to be a Queen Since She was have Entire Family and His father died for her her mother her brothers dies because of her Greed for to be a Queen and in End Writer make her Queen If you see Mother of Dragon how She Fight for living against Dead She Sacrifice her two Dragon for Someone Who killed her its Senseless Story at least for me.
    At End Make her Role Positive to Negative is Really Heart Broken She was not Deserved it..
    How A Writer can Make most Favorite Role Negative like this ? He Ruins the Entire his Hard work with This Ending.
    He make both leading Rôle Into Dust with in moment he think to Kill The Mother of Dragons in end. How Jon Can Kill A Woman While Kissing? Its very Bloody Bad he did Even Cruel one's never did this. If he beat's her with Arrow etc while fighting war maybe its was acceptable Ending but he Ruined the even House of Dragons I not Watched house of Dragons because I now the Results What Writer Ruined in Games of Thrones.

  29. When I saw Drogon burning them: Why the hell are they standing for waiting for him to burn them! They saw others were burning but they just stare at it and standing not running away

  30. Daenerys was then disappointed after lifting off to find out she was incapable of steering her legendary dragon. It also took like five hours to kill just one harpy son.

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