LET THE SHADOW DRAGON GAMES BEGIN!!! | Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission X Gameplay!

LET THE SHADOW DRAGON GAMES BEGIN!!! | Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission X Gameplay! Let’s continue Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission X! Today, we continue Arcade mode, and move onto some battles with the Shadow Dragons! Enjoy!

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  1. nice braaaahhh can you do dragon ball z extreme butoden videos again?

  2. ndukauba ss3 gohan is in Dragon ball heroes ultimate mission x

  3. can you steel gat shamel dragon ball heroes ultimate mission x

  4. This is my favorite series out of all of them

  5. see that is the black goku you need him with that ability to do more than a guaranteed 5000 damage if a perfect is gotten

  6. when did you get ssj3 majin vegeta on your team

  7. so I had a hero badge that does 3300 damage on round three. I got it from the tournament fighting golden frieza

  8. It sucks how you can't use the cards you get in the arcade into the story mode. I gotten my scouter to lvl 10 and i actually can use my SSJ3 trunks and he help me beat half of the story mode till i got xeno goku and man he was such a huge helper when i randomly equip him with SR items stuff and even with just a normal attack he brings my enemy's health to a half point. I was like wow and with me almost finishing the game and having the people i fight with starts at 40000 it was a no brainer.

  9. The shadow dragon missions are kind of odd from what I heard. As you fight you fill up that orb and once it is filled you completely you get the chance to fight a boss battle against one of the shadow dragons. The first time it fills up completely, you supposedly fight against that black shenron then after that you fight against the shadow dragons.

  10. I can't beat this mission its so hard I don't know how many times I've been destryoyed

  11. instead of ssj 4 goku you should have ssj 3 majin Broly

  12. bruh is Chamel playable? I need that man on my teeeam

  13. nah ndukauba don't change your team because you will get bodied

  14. Tbh that music in his intro is straight up fire!!!!

  15. The ssgss ear ring can go to anyone and they go ssgss goku

  16. Hey I just wanted to point out that Majin Vegeta SSJ 3 is good i want that to be a Transcended LR in Dokkan Battle if they ever do decide to put Dragon ball Hero esch Characters.

  17. Why are you not using the shenron goku

  18. lag is too great dont use microsoft # net newtralite

  19. Hey Ndukauba im the one you played with today! im lordofthundergod

  20. the shenron ssb goku lowers enemy's hero charge by 3

  21. this is my favorite series out of all your gameplay, you're like my favorite Dragon Ball Gameplayer next to Rhymestyle, Can't wait to see your reaction to Dragon Ball Fighterz when you get your hands on it, Keep up the good work bro!!!

  22. By any chance do you now what exactly you need to do to recruit syn (one star shadow dragon) i fought him a lot and still it got me nothing jaja xD

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