Like a Dragon 8 | Announcement Trailer

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is AVAILABLE NOW. Buy or add it to your wishlist!
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  1. Hope he reunite with Sayama and morning glory people back atleast we get some over pic what's they doing via substories

  2. Ichiban saying ikoze touched my heart a bit

    Considering he was also voiced by his Nishiki

  3. Me who doesn’t know what the people are saying but recognizes all the different voices.

  4. Here's a question: Will Eri be in this game or finally join cast as actual party members.

  5. “Like a Dragon 8: No Longer Virgin. Coming soon!”

  6. Releasing a game with last gen graphics in 2024 🤣😂

  7. Just pass on the torch already get kiryu OUT OF HERE

  8. Came back after watching the Fall RGG Summit and I will say LIKE A DRAGON INFINITE WEALTH IS GONNA BE AMAZING!!!

  9. Hahhahahhaha i wonder why kiryu has a new hair style im sure i couldn't relate to any health issues at all hahahhahahha

  10. Please give us an English dub trailer.

  11. Should have left Daryll as Kiryu. Still happy to see Yakuza 8

  12. Bro I need his iconic slick back hairstyle back😢😢

  13. Yesterday I played the game the man who erased his name. A wonderful game with a pleasant way of fighting. Now I have played the demo that will be released next year where you have adjusted the fighting mechanism and I find that disappointing why take something out of the game that is the strength of the game. You can freely determine which way you can attack that opponent and now you first have to stop the game and not fight in real time. I want to be able to decide for myself and fight freely, that is now gone.

  14. So is this what is now like a dragon infinite wealth or are they separate? I’m so confused

  15. Sega like a dragon is my favourite in the series. I haven't played yakuza 5 yet as I just got the yakuza remastered collection and like a dragon gaiden on PlayStation store and yakuza like a dragon on PlayStation store and I'm playing through them all. I was on yakuza kiwami 2 but I bought like a dragon gaiden and played it till the end loved every minute of it I was hoping at the end kiryu would go back to the kids but I am disappointed that there isn't a new game plus but I think that will come later I love yakuza

  16. this is it the big countdown boys 10 days left

  17. 🚨single digit territory we better start getting ready🚨

  18. Fellow Kyodais, it started here, 16 months ago. Today it is time to go balls out. Let's fucking GOOOOOOO

  19. it’s fucking here boys

  20. Came back a year and a half later just to say that Kiryu and Ichiban didn’t spend a second together in Kamurcho

  21. I like how we get to hear the lines of the main cast (the party members, Sawashiro, Ebina, Eiji, Arakawa) and Yamai in the trailer. I replayed the trailer over and over so much since the announcement that I'm able to catch many of the lines while playing without knowing Japanese

  22. This game came out before Metroid Prime 4 happened.

  23. Insane how we had no idea what we were in for back in 2022…

  24. I heard the voices of Sawashiro, Ebina, Yamai, Eiji, and Adachi in this teaser

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