Like a Dragon: Ishin! – Before You Buy

Like a Dragon: Ishin! (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) is the latest game in the long running series to finally come to western territories. How is it? Let’s talk.
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  1. lol the combat is awful from the looks of it. How many slashes and stabs are the enemies taking, ridiculous.

  2. 🎶 Like a Dragon 🎼 Cut for the very first time. 🎶

  3. The whole premise of this game is incredible I've never played any one of the games but they're really cool ideas and I am now in the process of downloading all the old ones to play them

  4. I remember playing this on my psvita best game been looking for it for years for got it was on my vita

  5. I was sold on naked wrestling with another dude

  6. Its hard for me to reccomend Yakuza 0 cause the few people I told to play it, couldnt beat Kuze, and just gave up 🤣

  7. First game i ever pre ordered and paid full price. And every pennies are worth it. Not regretting it either waiting to pre order gaiden and LAD8 soon

  8. This game looks awesome. I may get it.

  9. HOW many times do you have to hit someone with a katana in JAPAN… is it made of wood?

  10. This game looks like it was made for PS1. Absolutely disgraceful graphics and gameplay ROFLOL.

  11. i have only ever played the judgment series both of them. i will play zero and this at some point. but without played either yet, i think judgment is an amazing starting point for the series!

  12. It is grindy garbage. Combat is ass , only the characters are cool

  13. Anime fans: if you like Gintama and/or Rouroni Kenshin you will fit right in

  14. Im a simple man: Yakuza game comes I out, I buy it.

  15. At around the 10 minute mark, when you mentioned that you either recommend this as first game or Zero, I remembered how wild it is how many people recommend Yakuza LAD as a starting game. Purely because those scenes with Kiryu do not have the intended massive effect that they normally have.

    Like when he saved that Omi asshole in the white suit, who I forgot the name of, during that big meeting, and they showed Kiryu's face, I went absolutely crazy. I went a different kind of crazy when he two shot my tank in one of the next missions tho, but that was atleast confimation that Kiryu does infact hit women lol

  16. I legit lost two hours just playing Koi Koi in the gambling den, then another hour chicken racing, and then bummed around the homestead, cooking some new meals and tweaking my farming set up.

    I'm delving into all the side content I can find, and in most games that would leave you over leveled and without much else to do as you proceed. Not in Like A Dragon though!

  17. Does like a dragon ishin ps5 disc comes with dlc like deluxe digital?

  18. I played through 0-3 a while ago and needed a break, started 4 maybe a month ago but got a little too obsessed with the mahjong and only made it through akiyama and saejima's parts before feeling the burnout a bit again. so i decided I'd give this one a try as a bit of a break from kamurocho, and so far I am thoroughly into it. I also think it's making me kinda excited to get back to 4 and the main series in general when I'm done here, I guess I just really needed a change of pace and a bit of the zero/kiwami-style gameplay loop again

  19. Any game in this series I’ll play, I bought the original version at a anime con but it was all in Japanese

  20. Seriously if your reading this and wanting to try the series, you can jump in anywhere and then back track though I highly recommend Yakuza 0

  21. Why do you always reference other games I didn't play to review a game I didn't play?

  22. Peak game, peak franchise, just play this masterpiece

  23. Played most of the yakuza games. Playing judgment now . I ll definitely be playing this one eventually

  24. I don't buy many games on release but I pre-ordered the deluxe edition of Ishin just because of how much I love the RGG games and they absolutely nailed it, I have no regrets and i'd do it again (looking forward to Like a Dragon Gaiden and then later next year for Like a Dragon 8)

  25. Where’s the Before You Buy: Advanced Wars Reboot?

  26. Kiryu as a samurai!!! That's all you had to say!

  27. I was planning to buy this until I discovered (in another video) that it doesn't have English audio. Such a shame. This looked good. I'm not like others who loves to read a million things while hearing Japanese dialogue. That drives me crazy. That's the reason I steer clear of MOST Yakuza games. I'm so thankful that the two Judgment games spoke in English.

  28. Really enjoying the game. Happy to be back to non turn based. So much fun.

    I love this series. Last one wasn't as fun but Judgement is amazing. I still have my ps2 yakuza game. My favorite because the feel, sounds and soundtrack but the series and remakes have been so good.

  29. So they are essentially Ubisoft. Change very little then release the game to make massive profits because it’s the only thing the companies are releasing.

  30. Seeing this in English is kinda strange since I been playing it in Japanese when it first came out in Japan lol

  31. I started out from 0, since a co-worker of mine said the game was fun. (found out later he never played the actual game, just played for the karaoke)

    Anyway, I then played Kiwami 1 & 2, which I loved. Skipped 3 – 5 since they were remastered versions and awful compared to the more recent engine. Played the rest of the games until 6 and really fell in love with the whole franchise.

    I would highly recommend starting from 0 to have context and get familiar with the characters.

  32. Man I love these games . Yes stiff at first. Great story great gameplay!

  33. They really dropped this shit, But won't give us a Judgment 3 like bro I want my saori quests

  34. Yoooo, this game went completely under my radar…what a fantastic surprise, I can’t wait to play this. Love the Yakuza games

  35. These games always look the same, I feel like there's no innovation between the titles. They must be really good games for people to ignore that I guess.

  36. I won’t even buy a game anymore until I watch the “before you buy” you guys are so accurate and consistent we all appreciate you❤️

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