Like a Dragon: Ishin! – Combat Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Draw your weapon of choice, be it samurai blade, feudal-era firearm, or your bare knuckles! Engage in visceral combat that lets you switch between four different battle styles: Swordsman, Gunman, Wild Dancer and Brawler.

Take a look at what powerful abilities and stylish moves await you in Like a Dragon: Ishin! coming Feb 21, 2023.

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Rated Mature


  1. I'm probably going ahead with brawler and consider it a medieval age Yakuza game

  2. I like how RGG could've just kept making games like these and instead went for the slow, unsatisfying style combat in the newer games

  3. 日本人は維新好きだけどな

  4. So crazy how this version of Kiryu can skillfully incapacitate someone and knock them out by stabbing and shooting at key non lethal points, what a badass

  5. I feel like watching gintama.

  6. I remember being hyped for this back in 2014 n then it never got localized for ps4, IM SO HYPED I CANT WAIT

  7. It's not turn based combat right? Because I can't tell

  8. The ZEAL Cloaker that ruined your DSOD run says:

    0:47 He is not gonna sugarcoat it

  9. Yeah, I like his Snake Moves in a game.

    I can't to try them out !

  10. Hey kiryu dont forget to end yakuza series🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. I'm never calling it 'Like a Dragon." It's been Yakuza for twenty years. I'm not stopping now.

  12. Leider sind diese Spiele meist auf englisch und es gibt nicht einmal einen deutschen Untertitel.

  13. Looks awesome enjoyed every yakuza game preordered can't wait 🔥

  14. We get also next year a new Yakuza game and I gonna pre order both of these games. I like how this game also has Kiryu and the others and it has Bakamitai too

  15. All the characters from every Yakuza game are in this and this time in samurai mode now this is the kind of game I want to play instead of Yakuza 6 there's always going to be like a fighting and Kung Fu stuff but this is great I'll take it when it comes out

  16. Sword saint ishin finally gets his spin off

  17. Mafia Series > the Goofy AF not so serious or realistic Lame-kuza series

  18. Been waiting since 2015 when I got into yakuza and saw this

  19. I like the way they have the same actors but in a completely different game. This is going to be amazing

  20. Already preordered digital deluxe so hyped waited 5 years for this game

  21. this and legacy 23 is going to be fire

  22. "Wild dancer" style should just be called "Dante".

  23. Its been a while kazuma-kun, but my mind and body are ready!!

  24. Ehh, i hope maybe someday on Pc reliese just like all of the Yakuza came finaly on pc…

  25. Ok not the biggest yakuza fan so idk exactly what this is, but it looks sick. I'm just confused on whether this is like dlc for 7 or just something else entirely

  26. now THIS is a Like A Dragon I can get onboard with… I'm in!

  27. So the combat system has changed from like a dragon because I wasn't a fan of that combat system

  28. Jump in the air to shoot a man just to slice him in two.

  29. Where’s kenshin himura to chop this shogun dog down??

  30. Why aren't their hands getting chopped off and stuff like getting decapitated

  31. But the h*** with it I'm gonna go to the PSN store and get it for my PS5 right now

  32. Looks like fun. Killing sword people with guns 😄

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