Like a Dragon Ishin – Review

Like a Dragon Ishin – Review in progress
Like a dragon Ishin is a remake of a game that never made it to the west. Is like a dragon Ishin worth the port? Decide to buy it you can use the amazon acg affiliate link
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  1. "peace out, gang gang", Im stealing this

  2. The fact that there’s no English voices in a game with sooo much dialogue is a big minus. Gotta read every single line of dialogue now which will get tiring. Not sure why they wouldn’t put English voices if they are bringing it to North America

  3. Damn re4, dead space, AND hogwarts legacy. Yeah sorry yakuza you’re gonna have to be on the bench before I get to you. Which is a great game to have waiting for you

  4. This looks awesome. Characters that use swords, daggers, or katanas mixed with firearms always seem so badass.

  5. I hope you can turn off the blood. It looks silly and unnecessarily excessive lol.

  6. Don't mind me, just watching the review and commenting to drive engagement even though I already knew I was going to buy this one for sure

  7. For some reason this game is kinda blurry on steam deck without fsr

  8. I am so excited for ISHIN KIWAMI!!!

    I cannot believe after all these years it is coming to the west! 🤟

  9. I love the Yakuza games (except the turn based game, that one just ain't for me), so this is a no-brainer.
    I want to play this.

  10. It's pretty damn rare to find a franchise so sincere, Yakuza somehow is both a gritty crime drama that can bring you to tears one moment and inflict full bellied laughter at its insanity the next. Is it fair to say Yakuza is Sega's best franchise? Certainly feels that way these days. Good review as always.

  11. The last good yakuza they'll make, making yakuza turn based is fucking stupid

  12. The stutters have been pretty consistent for me too it's on the specials and also when I try to parry for the first few times after starting the game up

  13. Cool I didn't expect ya to review this. I am a big Yakuza/Like a Dragon/Judgment fan. I'll probably get it someday, but this definitely shows me more what to expect as previously I had only seen a short trailer like video. I guess it just being an odd spin off samurai/western game it just wasn't striking me as must play immediately. It's certainly looks better than Yakuza: Dead souls though 😀 I may break and play it earlier than intended after all.

  14. I was under the impression this channel does not do 10 minute reviews like corporations.

  15. @ACG You said dubbing is missing for many characters. Is that the case for all audio languages, or only non-Japanese?

  16. They should not have named it this. a lot of people who don't like turn-based combat are going to assume this one's similar to the one they don't like

  17. Bit disappointing to see ps3 graphics but I'll still play it

  18. acg always on time, on point, on fleek. thanks karak!

  19. Great work again from ACG … My wallet has been raided this month, bouncing game to game to game, i hope we don’t have this issue next winter/spring, I can’t cope 😂😂

  20. I really really want this but it's entirely too much to play

  21. Is this game like the way of the samurai? I loved that game so much! It is my absolute favourite game of all time for some reason.

  22. As a huge fan of the Yakuza franchise and Samurai, this game is right up my alley. Like A Dragon Ishin combines two things that I absolutely love and it succeeds for the most part. I can't wait to play it. Thanks once again, Karak!

  23. 1 minute from ACG > 100 minutes from IGN

    Thanks for your honest reviews

  24. I have been a Yakuza fan since the PS2 days. Beat every game and all spin off's that were released in America. This is one of the few games that never got translated and released in America. It's finally here, I been waiting a decade 😃

  25. You're the best reviewer Karak. We love you, bro. Thanks for all your hard work.


  27. I never use dubbing in these games, it takes me out of the immersion. I realise it’s a few steps back, nonetheless I’ll support it.

  28. The reason for the weird naming scheme is because like a dragon is the name of the series in asia

  29. I think it is kind of a mistake for them to rename the whole franchise Like A Dragon after all this time. It will probably confuse some people, plus Yakuza is just a catchier title.

  30. Didn't murder his master, but did murder the rest of the town! Looks kind of fun

  31. My biggest complaint about recent Sega releases is that they have Denuvo. Everybody hates that, rightfully so, and doing it is just an insult to your customers.

  32. As a big fan of the Yakaza series I can't wait to play this.

  33. I've never played any yakuza but i would be interested in it. What other games have similiar gameplay/combat? Would this be a good yakuza starting game? Thx

  34. I wonder what mini game I'll end up playing more than the main game this time

  35. I mean you don’t really need a review to see this game is total trash, just look at the screenshots and you’ll see 🤣

  36. Great video, I am looking forward to playing this game

  37. I love it. The gun and sword style is so much fun. It's not quite yakuza kiwami 2 or 0 but better then 3, 4 and pretty much on par with five or fist of Northstar spinoff. My order 0,kiwami 2, kiwami,5 inshin, fist of Northstar, yakuza 7, yakuza 6, yakuza 4, yakuza 3. All great games. Literally 3 I'd give a 7 so they all score between 7-9. All ranked between kiwami to yakuza 6 are a 8 and order can change on my mood. 2 worst and 2 best are on different tiers.

  38. Is it just me, or is every Japanese samurai action adventure rpg game story "find my mentors killer", or "find the warlord who killed my family and torched my village" ?

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