Maisie Williams On House of the Dragon – Game of Thrones Prequel Series (House of the Dragon)

Welcome back for another Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon update video. In this video, I will show you what Maisie Williams said during a recent interview, about HBO’s new Game of Thrones Prequel Series: House of the Dragon. In this interview, Maisie Williams also talks about returning to her character, Arya Stark. I also go over what Nikolaj Coster-Waldau said about House of the Dragon’s Official Teaser Trailer.

As you all know, House of the Dragon is set 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones. House of the Dragon is based on George R.R. Martin’s “Fire & Blood, Volume 1.”

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Maisie Williams Interview:

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Interview:


  1. Loved seeing Jaquin Hgar in the new stranger things!!

  2. I think they should have a spin off series starring Arya stark … post game of thrones series

  3. GOT was a dumpster fire at the end. When you set up an epic show down between too iconic characters then give it up for "the message" you have no talent.

  4. Maisy thought game of thrones ended well so dont really care for her opinion

  5. Honestly, I would say the scenes where Jofferey has her beaten and ordered to be stripped, the attempted rape by the crowd, and having her pretend father die before her eyes would be more traumatic.
    That marriage scene was bad. But…it was shot extremely quick, and from we know, forgive me, brain fart, the guy who played Ramsey was actually more traumatized, as both have said he kept apologizing to her. I imagine she didn't get the same kind of sympathy during the other scenes. Just saying, having that kind of emotional support like she did during that scene with Ramsey probably did more for her than possibly not having it during the other scenes, where it was long, and filled with multiple adults who were probably more concerned about nailing their lines than worrying about the little girl they just pretended to assault for a show.

  6. I would love to see Arya going west of Westeros

  7. I literally finished the show about 2 weeks ago and know this epic

  8. Turner talked about the wedding night scene the same week it released once that hardcore feminist site started making a big deal about no longer covering the show because such material should according to them never be used in media in case survivors was watching, that it wasn't needed when Danny and Cersei had already had it happen on the show. And they feared that Turner herself would need therapy for having filmed so much misery. Which then lead to giant think pieces, too which eventually Turner said she not only didn't understand the outcry on her behalf but even thanked her scene partners who kept making sure she was okay. Because they felt worse about filming the scenes than she did having known her from such a young age.

    People also took the scene completely wrong when they put the reaction on Theon, it was actually because it is illegal to film, even if they themselves are older playing someone under the age of consent is a big no no in many countries.

  9. I can't wait to see Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer in The Sandman.

  10. Traumatic, lol…we all deserve the end of the world that's happening.

  11. Serious question: Where can i rewatch game of thrones? (Besides HBO) Anyone know.

  12. Still here my men. Waiting for ur Videos.

  13. The dumbass duo Dan and Dave
    entirely blew the chance we gave
    for both to share an epic tale
    with millions and to thus regale
    us each with their uncanny skills.
    Yet lack of talent often kills
    the best of stories dear and great.
    The final insult?…………..Season 8

  14. I love your channel! You were the ultimate person I could trust talking about Game of Thrones! And I look forward to hear what you think about House of the Dragons! Thank you sir!

  15. I´m not going to see or read NOTHING ASOIF based until he finishes WoW…

  16. Hopefully you have excutive producers that don't want to quit early this time. While just forgetting what they wrote and directed one episode before. D&D should have been kicked as soon as they said no to more seasons, and more episodes in the final season. I don't know how HBO let that slide. It was a disservice to all of the actors that gave it their all in every single role.

  17. Good for everything she has accomplished but,, I am sick of seeing her on everything and how she feels and her opinion on everything. .

  18. The war against the Others should have been a season in it's own and the fight against Cersei should have been another season. Danny's death should have been an additional season.

  19. I love the face Emilia Clarke makes when she's trying not to say anything. The smile that isn't a real smile kills me.

  20. I feel like it would be a gold mine if they would focus on aria stark when she went to see what was beyond the maps and really made a lot of use out of the whole faceless man ARC that they spent so much time setting up and then they kind of just shat the bed on

  21. I like knowing they’re all still friends & stay in touch. I miss their characters terribly.

  22. Should we read the book(s) first? Or watch the show? How different are the 2 versions?

  23. Two points: I REALLY, REALLY hope that if it should reach orbit velocity, the Big Cheeses at HBO will keep a keen eye peeled (Ramsey, we need you!) for writer, showrunner, and ACTOR burnout. I find it personally obvious that THAT show, with THOSE actors, was EATING THE BRAINS (Hannibal, we need you!) of all involved and it really does uinfortunately show up in the rushed pace (BOOM BOOM BOOM So-and-so's dead) and glossing-over plotlines."Plee-eease just KILL everybody and lets get OUT of here!) There's gotta be some way to spread the burden. And it's ALL symptiomatic of the HUGE PROBLEM: NO-body knows how long the show is going to air! It's renewed season-to-season at the start, and if it does hit they can run out of plot ideas. The first three seasons caught flak because every time they got stuck, just drag in the titties!
    Point Two: I strongly suspect the internet makes bitching so easy, NO SHOW is ever going to bypass the whole snivelfest, It's just to EASY to be cute and funny whilst shredding the thing. When your SHOWRUNNERS SAY THEY'RE GOING TO BE FAR AWAY AND DRUNK WHILE they WATCH THIER OWN ENDING – THERE'S A DEEP, SYSTEMIC problem here.

  24. Remake season 8. It's the only way to save this shitty franchise.

  25. For me, S8 killed the whole GoT zeitgeist. I have 0 interest in anything GoT and can't even watch the previous, well-executed, seasons knowing the SHITE fate of it all. So bad in fact, that Star Wars opted out on D&D….I'll repeat Star Wars bailed on them in favor of writers who were slightly less epically awful.

  26. Wish it didn't have Matt Smith, he's Doctor Who. I have watched him as Doctor Who a lot more than I will watch House of the Dragon, and I will probably watch him as Doctor Who again.

  27. I’m sorry even watching a slight clip of the Ramsay/Sansa scene make my stomach churn. I’ve watched GOT all the way thru but that one scene??? Jesus.

  28. "Even if it had an amazing ending", is rather telling!!! Oh, you just said that. Nvm. I loved all those interview clips. Nik and Gwen were fantastically funny. Emilia was always a darling, even after the penultimate episode and trying to justify the rushed, sudden and everyone "sort of forgetting", and teleporting Torgo Nudho as grief, anger at the loss of Missandei, Rhaegal, Jorah and Jon's real identity and loss of her lover. Thanks again for the GoT throwback.

  29. Thanks for always keeping me informed on everything GOTs…appreciate you mate. Also that intro is legendary.

  30. This series is gonna be the hitofalltimes..youcantmiss….

  31. I still crack up with Emelia’s accidental faces😂😂

  32. sorry but i think this series will flop

    give it maybe 25 years for people to reignite their fascinations with dragons, we are dragoned out…if this series is gilded with wokeism, then pound that last nail on its coffin

  33. Great video and im looking forward to the house of dragons…and i think my favorite Maisie William scenes in game of thrones was when she was with the hound..:)

  34. So happy Maisie isn't in this one!!!! YEA!!!!!! She's nasty!! Not a nice person to Game Of Thrones fans!

  35. I think its amazing how we still talk about Ned Stark & he was only 1st season! All the actors were rememborable. 🥰

  36. It’s gotta be godawful to be one of these people. You make some remark in an interview “even if we got an amazing ending blah blah blah”…and everyone immediately goes “WHOA…let’s read that again! Let’s dig into the deeper meaning of how she hates her colleagues’ work and how badly they fucked up…in fact, let’s go back and pinpoint all of the cast members who have publicly criticized their bosses”. You have to be so careful as one of these people…it’s just gotta be absolutely brutal sometimes.

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