Maisie Williams On House of the Dragon – Game of Thrones Prequel Series (House of the Dragon)

Welcome back for another Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon update video. In this video, I will show you what Maisie Williams said during a recent interview, about HBO’s new Game of Thrones Prequel Series: House of the Dragon. In this interview, Maisie Williams also talks about returning to her character, Arya Stark. I also go over what Nikolaj Coster-Waldau said about House of the Dragon’s Official Teaser Trailer.

As you all know, House of the Dragon is set 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones. House of the Dragon is based on George R.R. Martin’s “Fire & Blood, Volume 1.”

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Maisie Williams Interview:

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Interview:


  1. Jesus, this thumbnail looks like a "tribute" waiting to happen

  2. My guy it’s almost that time, it’s been a long wait

  3. Omg I have ideas for a GOT sequel. Think about it. They are all still young, Sansa, Arya, JON, Dany gets resurrected , Gendry, I have so many ideas. And so many things left unexplained, maybe intentionally. 2025-2027 sounds good to go back. After the prequel. Picture this. Season 1 Ep. 1 A pre-teenage boy is flipping through pages of the Knight's good deeds book and stops at Jamie. Then they flashback to 8 or 9 months after the Long Night and it shows Brienne giving birth. Yes Jamie's bastard son. Shall we begin? Anyone interested?

  4. Whom ever watched the Game of Thrones series. Know that the sisters had 2 different paths. The older sister was raped, almost raped, then repeatedly raped. Where the younger sister was learning how to actually physically defend herself. And you want to compare those 2 different roads as an equal arc setting?

  5. I thought the ending was perfect it went full circle. It started with the Starks and ended with them. As for Darnerys, you all know she had to die in the end. This whole show was about the Starks.

  6. Thanks a lot for narrating what she says here and always keeping us up to date on news regarding Game of Thrones or House of the Dragon.

  7. Can't wait to watch your videos on every aspect of every episode bro used to watch got n then binge watch more content online talking thrones consistently sent out fire videos to keep me hyped thanks bro

  8. That’s the thing Season 8 was bad didn’t make sense of course

  9. I honestly think HBO will bring GOT back in the near future. Obviously it would be set years after how the last season ended. They will have all new directors etc. Even the actors were not happy with how it ended. Most of the actors themselves have all pretty much said now how much they miss the show etc. I’m sure they would all be thrilled to revisit their roles. They could pick right up where they left off & continue a whole new story. It would give GOT a proper ending.

  10. I wish they would bring back some of the old cast members in a new show . Answer some burning questions!

  11. The most awesome intro of the bunch… Of course i'll be back for House of the Dragon… Talking Thrones is the channel!!!

  12. sigh Game of Thrones is going to take its place beside Lost as one of those shows that I loved in spite of their wacky endings. I'm really looking forward to House of the Dragon now.

  13. I have a question for you – how do you think the intro for House of the Dragon will be? It's Ramin Djawadi doing the score, so we know it will be excellent. But do you think they'll take influences from the main title of Game of Thrones, or do you think he'll go with a different more original score?

  14. Lol you talk about how they’re selective in what they say and then momentum into looking into the smallest statement she said and tried to decipher it like it was some hidden meaning. I think she meant even if people thought the ending was amazing. She literally had said right before she didn’t mind the ending.

  15. I was srolling through my YT thread and saw this thumbnail. I heard myself say "… Maisie? Omg Arya!" Like someone who'd been lost in the wilderness since GoT ended lol

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