MAX REACTS: Xbox Showcase 2023 & Starfield Direct

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Max reacts to the recent Xbox Showcase and Starfield Direct, as a part of Summer Game Fest, which reveal details about a bunch of brand new games, such as P3: Reload, Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth, and of course, Starfield!

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  1. For Starfield… why am I getting Anthem vibes?

  2. I used to have a list of attractive women in decade maybe since a decade ago. Nowadays, it's not surprising. I grew up when gaming was a "boys" thing. Either girls weren't allowed, or girls had no interest. Attractive girls? Bruh! I only knew one girl my dad swore had a crush on me (lol…). Sarah Bond would most definitely have been on that list, gorgeous as fuck! 8:29 Max knows damn well we know he means something beside a KI logo.

  3. Im glad Max's first impression was the same as mine a Fallout version of No Man Sky

  4. "Its a Fallout game with a lot more traversal and systems"
    Yup…and i gotta be real, im pretty happy about it lmao.

    And as far as the jankyness goes, bro you're a fighting game player, this is as far in the opposite direction of genre you could go compared to what you are used to playing. Bc I'll be real, all side scroll fighting games feel SUPER janky and weird to me. 3D anime arena fighters feel fine like Naruto Storm or Xenoverse, but things like Street Fighter, MK, KI, etc just feel awkward, unresponsive and strange to me and that's not because they are, it is just because of my lack of experience and time playing them. And I feel this applies to you as well with 3D open world epics. The quicker you accept that, the easier that it will be for you to start enjoying these kinda games, putting in the time and getting used to how they function and why ppl love them

  5. why does xbox never show gameplay besides for indie games!

  6. Will probably be playing Starfield for years to come, I downloaded Skyrim after the showcase and I got a decent hour of gameplay from a radiant quest.

  7. Xbox nailed it. Wow everything looks so Good.

  8. he rated the sony presentation a 4 ?! lol come ooonn it was a 6 at least imo.

  9. How is Starfield diferent from No Mans Sky?

  10. Based on what is being showcased at these game shows, its clear to me that i simply am no longer a gamer and not part of this community anymore. Oh well i guess

  11. The issue is, HOW much is that Stanfield gameplay real

  12. I'm sorry but games like fallout, elder scrolls, and rockstar games are what's fun in gaming first person shooters, battle royals, and fighting games and racing games and platformers are some of worst most boring games that get shelled and pushed out every year

  13. I'm gonna be honest I give the Xbox showcase a 3/10 sorry not allot of good titles or new IP's mostly just remakes and titles that don't have a release date at ll. So most of these games will be dropped as well. This was just… REALLY BAD. They need something better and didn't deliver at all.

  14. So let me get this straight, Sony shows dragons dogma and you're so excited to see more footage and then xbox does the same with avowed and all you can say is "haven't We seen this game already?". Max has truly turned into a Sony schill.

  15. Its crazy how max says sony show was a 4 and xbox a 5. You wouldnt tell by his reactions. Damn near falling asleep here compared to insane hype for everything sony showed but it was a 4. Crazy.

  16. Fallout 76 I'm so tired of this game for heaven's sake stop trying to come back

  17. In the not bioshock game, the narrator sounds like Sophia lamb from bioshock 2

  18. Starfield is everything i thought/wanted destiny to be.
    Haven’t been this hyped for a game in a long time.

  19. Despite Bethesda's dodgy reputation, I'm glad they are at least releasing a Star Citizen that is not a scam.

  20. its got a mix of skyrim and fallout skill and dialogue and world building, and its mixed with hd version of no mans sky and possibly star citizen mechanics and i even get mass effect vibes. i could not be more excited to lose all my save files to game breaking bugs.

  21. I will wait 2-5 years before I play Star-field wait for bugs, errors, glitches are fix, balance changes, add more missions, weapons, expansion and stuff etc for a better experience.

    My backlog is around 20-30 games between PlayStation and Switch and 10 of them are Open world so that 4-6 month each

  22. I really wanna know if you can mod/customize your weapons. I'd love to have that as a system!

  23. I don't know if it's impressive or embarrassing that Bethesda is so willing to die on the hill that is Fallout 76😑

  24. Bethesda RPGs and RockStar games are part immersive sim. Games with very interactive sandboxes. So that's not your style. 
    Immersive Sim is my favourite sub genre by a mile with RPG as my favourite main genre. Bethesda brings both together. Love it.

  25. You should’ve reacted harder during the starfield game showcase.

  26. You’re opinion on STARFIELD was dogshit.

  27. Reaction videos are for bud light drinkers

  28. Im so goddamn excited for phantom liberty

  29. The adoring fan from oblivion is back.
    All we need is the courier and whiterun guard from Skyrim

  30. Im gonna be honest…if this game is as good as it is ambitious, I wont be playing much of anything else when it releases. Im not preordering but still. This looks incredible. Granted ive been a Fallout fan since Fallout 2.

  31. This game is probably the biggest game that has ever been made. Insane. There’s soooo much detail and to it. Definitely gonna be one of the greatest games ever

  32. Here is my reaction.

    Everything not starfield, trash.
    Anything weeb and not Starfield, weeb trash.

    Though I will admit the Monkey Island DLC looks really fun.

    Starfield, oh god yes Todd.

  33. What’s up with the Police Murder Simulator? Stupid.

  34. Actually it will be a two disc game, as they said it's gonna have 125GBs.

  35. Man i'm tired of all the forza, when are we getting a new Burnout?

  36. They put the Adoring Fan up in this?
    1:31:37 Also that might be the most unhinged match cut I've ever seen lmao.

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