Minecraft: How To Train Your Dragon (Bedrock DLC Mashup Pack!)

Dragon riders! Grab your shiniest shield and tighten your braids; this is not a drill! We’re about to take off for the island of Berk – and all the islands in the Barbaric Archipelago – because the DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon DLC is here! There is no time to waste. We all need to pull together to get this blocky world of ours ready for Hiccup, Toothless and all the other beloved Vikings and dragons. The DLC is out now, so nail down everything that could break by the flick of a tail and get rid of anything flammable. Can lava catch on fire? Let’s not take any chances; it has to go.

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  1. I would LOVE a tamable dragon mob, with it the ender dragon fight would be even more epic

  2. I can’t even fully enjoy it cuz mine refuses to fully render.

  3. I don't remember buying these places. Interesting… :p

  4. I already got the map yesterday,but it is still awesome!
    Edit also if you get all nine tokens you can actually take care and ride toothless

  5. Chad can you make tutorial video how to clone yourself like the video you made axe vs swords plz

  6. Can this be played in Xbox one edition?

  7. The white night furry is a different species

  8. I went to that fortress and somehow I didn’t see the lightfury

  9. when you where at dragon island i thought you looked kink of like when the red death jumped from the fog and ate that gronckle

  10. Hay chad can you do something with you horses in how to Minecraft? Btw love the vids

  11. If u buy this dlc can i use the dragons feature in normal mode ? Or they are only in the map there?

  12. Where did you get that hoodie? My daughter would love that!!

  13. I already have all the dragons and also can ride toothless

  14. Imagine a King Ghidorah here And you can tame it!🤣👌

  15. Hey OMGCraft, I designed a Piston Elevator which has all the six sides stick with elevator and also featuring double door, one for the elevator which moves with the elevator and one for the entrance for the elevator. I highly recommend to atleast review this world and, If you like, please make a video of that because I don't have a good pc to record stuffs. I Am GamerZ0216#6679 (Discord) and I hope you enjoy! World Download https://www.mediafire.com/file/txsjkq5mqcb5117/ElevatorZ.zip/file !

  16. Me still playing for 2 days now trying to find the light furry him: finds it

  17. Can you play this mode with the Jurassic park dlc as well?

  18. I can't get on the dragon – can someone tell me how? I'm using keyboard functions.

  19. Does anyone hate that there's no three Astrid skins? And that we only get her 15 year old skin?

  20. Can you get these dragons in a normal world?

  21. Omg Chad you're too adorable in this Toothless outfit! Thanks for the vid 😁

  22. Don't ride the hype dragon, Chad! Don't do it!

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