Minute to Win It: Paper Dragon | Head-to-Head

December 30, 2011



Watch this highlight montage of all the 39 games we played right here:

Team Battle: Going 2 at a time, 4 teams of 4 players compete head-to-head in a series of 30 challenges in a round robin fashion. The teams who win their respective matches earn points for their team. The team with the most points in the end are the winners. Levels 1-6 are worth 1 point each, and the points increase by 1 after every 6 levels. The last 3 challenges–levels 28, 29, and 30–are worth 6, 8, and 10 points respectively, however. Most of these challenges require one player from one team to play another from an opposing team, but there are also 2-on-2 matches, which happen every 3 levels.

Minute to Win It: “Paper Dragon” | Game 5 (1 on 1)
First match: Kings (left) vs. Queens (right)
Second match: Aces (left) vs. Jacks (right)

Here’s the list of all the Team Battle games we played in order:

1. This Blows
2. Temper Tantrum
3. Tilt-A-Cup
4. Movin’ On Up
5. Paper Dragon
6. Marbles Grande
7. Pop Top
8. Junk in the Trunk
9. Face the Cookie
10. Whippersnapper
11. Back Flip
12. Ready Spaghetti
13. Coffee Topper
14. Puddle Jumper
15. On the Rebound
16. Spoon Frog
17. A Bit Dicey
18. Office Tennis
19. Tea Party
20. Don’t Blow the Kings
21. The Nutstacker
22. Sharp Shooter
23. Stack Attack
24. Flip Your Lid
25. Pink Elephant
26. Split the Uprights
27. Iron Board Man
28. Ping Tac Toe (Head-to-Head version)
29. Extreme Christmas Nutstacker
30. Horseplay

These were the second round of games we played this night.

For those interested, this was shot with a Canon EOS 60D using the Cinestyle picture style from Technicolor. Color Correction was done in Sony Vegas 11.


  1. This is really a game to roll it up.They are making more fun to experience.Time to shake it up to move!!!

  2. Savage Sabrina. That's what I'm gonna start callin her.

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