NEW Dragon Ball Super Video Game Is Here!

A New Dragon Ball Super Video game has finally been officially announced! During the Dragon Ball Battle Hour, it was announced that the Dragon Ball Super Card game was going to get a digital version on PC. This hyped me up, but I had no clue how to play. That changes today, so I’ll be ready for the new game to finally release in 2023!


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  1. Really enjoyed this. You should start a series when the game comes out.

  2. So glad you're making a these I bought a load of cards after seeing it on your Twitter

  3. Really enjoyed this, was great to see damon enjoying himself aswell, need more content with the two of you

  4. get this video to 20k likes we need this to be a series

  5. Fwi I don’t know if you were told yet but the bardock crew awaken skill was errataed since it was a typo you go down to 6 life if you awaken early like the other new leaders you can check the cards that have a errata and that are limited/banned on the official website

  6. If you haven't watched Egman, he does some fantastic videos for deck building and how they perform.

  7. This is interesting. More videos on this game please. Can't wait for the digital version. Learning from you SeeReax

  8. Lettttssss gooooooo, now I don't have to make a how to play video🤣🤣, I'll just send them here

  9. When you played "Absolute Defense Great Ape King Vegeta", with its Evolve ability doesnt that mean you need to play it over top of a <King Vegeta>?
    I've never played the game, I'm just making sure that's how it's done or if it's an alternate way to get it on the field.

  10. Ive never watched yugio but ive watched fight scenes and they are hype. Id love to play this game

  11. Mannnn a card game was the last thing I wanted see 🫠😂

  12. Already watched and liked, but I had to spin back for the comment one time

  13. Im tryna see Damon win for some character development. Maybe starts a Deion redemption arc who knows

  14. Yayyy more card games! I likely won’t play this but I’m definitely gonna watch every vid about it!

  15. bruh this looks like some 2002 video LoL………i like it

  16. It’s magic the gathering only dragon ball lol

  17. Yknow I’m kinda liking the sound of Damon crew 💪🏽

  18. I really want to see more of this, the video was really well edited with the music and voice lines. I can’t wait to see more!

  19. I need me more of this game. I can't wait for the digital version. Yu-Gi-Oh is alright, but you can only watch so much of it without any heavy edits. Keep up the good work man, can't wait to see more of your videos next year.

  20. While I don't personally care about this, I'm gonna watch it. Damon seems cool…

  21. This was supringly enjoyable
    I always saw these cards in Walmart & this was fun to watch

  22. They have an app that tells you how to play

  23. Damon: You're always coming thru for me Grandpa.

    Grandpa Gohan: I BEG YOUR PARDON..

  24. bro, I loved the tcg when it came out. But most of my friends wanted to play cause "an anime card game can't be good" but the rules flowed and the balance was awesome at the time. One friend bought a starter deck but said he just wanted it for collectors value, when he heard I was lookin for people to battle in it he popped it open for a single game. A year later That same starter deck was worth almost $15k.

    On a totally not related note, there's a new one piece TCG that dropped this month.

  25. How does Deion and his brother both look like siblings, yet not at all?

  26. Seereax can you finnaly drop some yugioh content with Sam pls? Thank you

  27. Hey Seereax love your videos and I love that you’re playing this game I wanted give the advice that you can’t combo cards that are in rest mode unless it says otherwise
    Can’t wait for the next video👌🏼

  28. this is literally a DBZ version of duel masters, which was a fun af card game back in the day

  29. I would like to give a tip, i dont know if you have cards like these in the deck, but try adding cards that take away your own life. Makes the game a bit faster and also helps a lot since sometimes good cards are in the lives.

  30. Mans bro looking like the quiet kid in class

  31. Playing any TCG/CCG without sleeves should be a crime!

  32. Not the biggest fan of these shonen jump card games, I wish they could’ve made something more unique for IPs like one piece and dragon ball (like why is there no system for fusing?) (if there is plz let me know) but it’s still going to be really fun to watch!

  33. I am always impressed with how far out of their way developers go to avoid using the term "tapping" (because MTG claims it) for the very-much-exactly-tapping mechanic their game has. lol.

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