New FREE PS4/PS5 Game Revealed Dragon Fighting Multiplayer Free to Play 2022 + PS4/PS5 Game Delayed


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  1. You never mentioned when the game will come out?

  2. 😲😲😲😲😲 woah…..dragon battle game 🤤🤤🤤🤤


  3. I was hoping century age of ashes was gonna come to PlayStation , as before it was only announced in pc

  4. looks dumb. fly around and shoot fireballs I guess

  5. I was all excited right up until you said MMO they can stick up their ass I'd rather pay $100 for a game and get awesome single player then have to put up with others spoiling my game

  6. That Dragon game makes me think of Lair on PS3, a game that was much better than critics made it out to be.

  7. Technically those are not dragons. Those are wyverns.

  8. Age of Ashes, (the dragon game,) reminds me of what I thought DLC for Skyrim was supposed to look like. I really thought that eventually we were going to be able to ride dragons…

  9. VG The Otaku Geek Gamer and Anime lover says:

    Hiccup will be appreciated this

    Hiccup: Finally a worthy opponents, let's go Toothless!!

  10. Nice, havent rode a dragon since LAIR, DIVINITY2, DRAKAN

  11. I was able to take place in the beta test in January for Century:Age of Ashes and do have to say I was extremely impressed and entertained. I have looked forward to it's release ever since!

  12. ScarFall New Update 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🇧🇷

  13. Sorry this game isnt free to play i checked my ps5 its pay to play

  14. Does anyone recognize the graphics setup on the first game?

  15. so age of ashes is upcoming on ps4?

  16. It's not on ps4-?? When is its release date, I can find it nowhere on ps4 🙁

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