*NEW* How To Train Your Dragon in ROBLOX

Roblox lowkey the best How To Train Your Dragon game

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  1. Riot brain:

  2. But you didn’t put but you didn’t let us see the game pass of the big dragon

  3. I literally was just playing that game and saw this video when I was done!! Lol!

  4. Eh this has been around since 2020, not relatively but it got a overhaul so it's pretty new then. Also Thank u for playing dis game 😀

  5. I actually liked when this game used to have 87 people on so I could have a higher chance to speak with the developers and moderators, I also so dev drags and man the developers and nice and awesome

  6. I left a like so you don't have to find me in real life. XD

  7. This is just like the episodes series you should watch them you also need to watch the third one otherwise you won't understand some stuff

  8. You are lucky because i have 400-500 ping every second

  9. *httyd music starts playing* dis is a banger fr but damn we need more httyd movies fr

  10. Hey riot yesterday i was playing KU when someone was pretending to be you he either left or got kicked

  11. Yo, I have a great idea of a game you can try out, what about trying out Project Kaiju 4.0, it’s a pretty fun game for chaos.

  12. Hey Knucklehead where's (Ark Dox ep10) ?

  13. Bro riot the gamepasses from previous dragon game will be transferred to the new game so you don’t need to buy it what a waste of robux but it’s fine

  14. How dare you not play as the biggest dragons

  15. this is just a remake of an all ready existing game its called school of dragons

  16. This game came out not long ago and he already got to it

  17. Riot godzilla Earth has been added to kaiju

    alpha go check it out

  18. I may be wrong but I believe the creators of this game made another httyd game way earlier but its deleted

  19. Hi riot I have been a fan for a long time. I love your videos so can you please make toothless in ark

  20. This is httyd how to train your dragon overhaul its a great game and just like the old one but wip

  21. riot you should play front line on Roblox I think its called its a good shooter


  23. In my mind my brain can’t compute rp lol

  24. This game has so many dragons it's literally like creatures of sonaria'

  25. Question can I have a shout out and can you be my friend on Roblox????

  26. The egg in the water is a purple death egg.

  27. I want to play a night fury but I can't 🥲

  28. Um is the name of the game berks dragons,cause i wanna play this so bad

  29. you dont need to pay for the gamepasses if you had them on the past game, the original game got hacked so they had to release the overhaul early

  30. Thank you so much for making the video!
    There's a lot of bugs to be expected though since we had to release it much earlier than planned but we hope you enjoy so far!

  31. Oh my. Never expected riot to play this!

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