*NEW* How To Train Your Dragon in ROBLOX

Roblox lowkey the best How To Train Your Dragon game

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  1. Hey You're on my favorite YouTubers! Have a great day!!!

  2. Bro as soon as I saw this I had to watch it

  3. I was the 7th person to like and 4th person to comment

  4. The person on the two headed dragon was very funny

  5. Riot find me as a death song on BERK okay white black and red with sum red eyes aight let's go mah brotha been up for a while but it legit just came out for mobile

  6. Lol monky want to fly # I don't wunt to be mean 😅

  7. Bro bought the gamepass when it was 1.9k instead of 800 😭😭😭


  9. Bro I was watching u video before minutes and asking me self are u gona post video that late

  10. Sorry but you late unless you were working on this video for a long time

  11. Hii riot ❤ you and did iron wolf tell u if about the shark bite update?

  12. All 314 people who didn't like are now dead riot you can rest knowing that

  13. Dreamworks announced a live action httyd by 2025

  14. Day 104 of me asking Riot to make a video on Project Kaiju 4.0
    Most people in the world have to worry about bills and college debt and stuff like that that'll drain their wallet. Riot over here has to worry about his Robux gamepass expenses.

  15. To understand this game you really need to watch the Netflix show and all of the moves I want to watch them but idk where lol

  16. How to Train a Godzilla that should be a game.

  17. I hope they optimize that game like, my phone lags a little with it

  18. YO, that's insane. Thank you so much for playing our game!

  19. That is one of my favorite games. I was just casually drawing my own dragon then this popped up! Epic vid.

  20. What is the game called?


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