New Teen Goku Story Ending & Finisher In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC!

New Teen Goku Story Ending & Finisher In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC! Hope you guys enjoy and thanks for watching! Stay tuned for more Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

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  1. dude if you watch this and after you watch all of it and then you watch dbz Kakarot your gonna realize like omg piccolo changed so much
    From being evil to a good and supportive person

  2. After you complete the story of dlc5 there will be training grounds tough and with Tien and piccolo y ik can ring out them

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  4. What part of the video has Kid Goku vs Ma Junior like in the thumbnail?

    40:59 Chichi at this time was very cheerful for em mane

  6. Rikudou Can You Play The Dragon Ball Kakarot With Vegeta Ultra Ego Mods❤❤❤?🙏

  7. 早く新しいダウンロードコンテンツ6でてほしい

  8. Apparently you can't fly in T.O.P so it would probs be ground battles and ring outs also which would make sense. But T.O.P Arena would be a big map making it practically impossible to get ringed out so idk but the best thing they could do for the last dlc of season 2 is DBS, T.O.P saga or Future Trunks/Goku black arc. In my opinion that would be the best way to end it off. I feel like it would and should be Future Trunks / Goku Black Arc because we already have 2 dbs dlcs and in that case the next thing to do is that arc but I would also be fine with the universe 6 vs 7 arc but most likely we won't get a GT or T.O.P Saga DLC for the last DLC of Season 2.

  9. when i played it i was leveling like crazy i was level 37 vs junior

  10. Somehow after I stunned Giant Piccolo, I one-shotted him by jumping (right trigger) and landing a Super Kamehameha on his face. He was at mostly full health, and I was roughly the same level as in this video, so I don’t know if I found a bug or what.

  11. Bro im so unlocky my whole save was deleted by the update 2.00

  12. I was with bardock in the start and i fix it and without mods

  13. Riku did you know you can jump with RT in battles hope this helps you to dodge attacks, Keep yourself Safe!

  14. “ over 3000 likes” Vegeta :ITS OVER 9000

  15. Why is everyone praising this dlc. It's half the story of dragon ball. What about goku meeting bulma, meeting oolong, training under and meeting roshi for the first time, pilaf and the gang, baba tournament goku fighting gohan, THE RED RIBBON ARMY AND ANDROID 8. This is a half finished dlc if you ask me

  16. They should add the tournament of power in dlc 6

  17. What happened to Chichi afterwards? She was so nice.

  18. whats more surprising is that the announcer just stood there and absorbed everything

  19. This DLC is better than anything Super-related. This game should've been only about OG Dragon Ball from the start.

  20. Wasn’t chi chi supposed to scream at goku saying: YOU CLOWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!. When they met again

  21. Picolo just making Goku stronger by giving death experience

  22. I need them to do either the end of the baby arc or the shadow dragons arc of DBGT

  23. I don't know why people keep saying this is the best DLC so far. It's pretty obviously not. This is really short, most of the fights from this arc aren't even properly playable, and the actual side content of it is really minimal. While the Bardock DLC was a better story, had much better fights, was a much better extention of the source material and had a lot more to do and was much more cinematic. It very easily beats this.

  24. Bro your hype is so contagious, love this, def subbing

  25. Love to see the OG Dragon Ball representation!
    As someone who hasn't purchased the game yet but is looking to, if you have the DLC is it possible to start a new game from where this DLC starts?
    Namely because I'd like to start the game with mid-to-late OG Dragon Ball rather than DBZ.

  26. They just had to give the foot fetish artists a 3D model of goku’s feet🥲

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