New to DnD? Get these first!

What’s in these two beginner sets? Let’s take a look!

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DnD Starter Set:
DnD Essentials Kit:


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  1. I also loved The Pram!! Made me want to read more Joe Hill. And I'll definitely be reading Natural Beauty. Sounds great!

  2. I just started learning how to play DnD so thank you for this!

  3. What's inside? No maps to know where you are or how to get there?

  4. Dont go with phandelvers mines!!!
    Exept if you like goblins… and more goblins…

  5. Wait a second… isn’t there 7 dice?! Where did the d100 go!?

  6. Starter set or essentials kit?
    Me: both. Both. Both is good!

  7. Neither, that sucks. Might as well start of with some of the free introductory premades from the net and use the money to print out 20+ ch and spell sheets and buy two sets of dice.

  8. The pathfinder 2nd Ed starter kit is much better and cheaper honestly.

  9. Honestly I recommend new players to get the PHB, DMG and MM set and learn the game, it would be a lot more useful for players, it will last longer than one game and those three are actually essentials for DnD.

  10. Just Some Funny Moments – Our Bard Said "Fuck The Dragon" Everytime We Find one And HE Got nat 16-20 Everytime

  11. Is it worth getting them both? Im brand new to the game and will be the dm we are all brand new to the game so im struggling to figure everything out.

  12. It seems like the starter set is like the first time playing, then essentials kit is the next few times and then you move on to the more advanced stuff! I’ve got a starter set (dragon of stormwreck isle) and will be playing for the first time on Thursday!

  13. That map looks like it could be used with Battletech

  14. Can I make my own game instead of buying it?

  15. i have been going in blind and learning via playing, asking my friends, and copious amounts of google and 5etools. it's been working pretty well so far 👍

  16. Too bad the Starter Set isn't sold anymore in my country since Wizards got back the print rights for DnD. Baldur's Gate, Tomb of Annihilation, Waterdeep (both), Sword's Coast Guide and I must have passed some are also stuck in (possible) reprint hell.
    Or secondary market, which is incredibly rare, as I have yet to find them. God, I would love a reprint of Baldur's Gate and the Waterdeeps.

  17. then we have me who got the player's handbook first

  18. The essentials kit I have does not have the code or any text on the back about it but other than that it's the same box

  19. Not for everyone.
    If you ask yourself a lot of question you don't have all answers (for rules i mean).
    But a lot more then needed.

  20. Buy a Rules Cyclopedia, a dice set, pencils & graph paper.

  21. Can i still play d&d when i just have the essential set?

  22. I just bought the essentials kit since I really enjoyed baulders gate 3 and I wanted to see what DnD was all about since me and some friends wanted to try it out for the first time.

  23. I got the starter set and it still came in handy as it has the lost mines adventure and dice but i bought the full rulebook and tales of the yawning portal

  24. I can't go with any. They are sold out :-:

  25. I already had the starter set when the essentials kit came out, I've got both.

  26. As a first time dm should I read the campaign all the way through before we play?


  28. i want to get one of these but im scared none of my friends will want to play. well once everybody started to play chess bc of me so maybe the same Thing will happen😂

  29. Meanwhile in 2023: Try Gurps or Pathfinder, Chris and Cynthia think you're in the way to that money in your pocket.

  30. 'New to D&D'
    No, this is for 'new to WoTC 5th edition
    I played 3rd, and I don't think any of the other players even had the base books, plenty was available online and I had a collection of options as the DM with a lot of supplements

  31. Insane how much better the pathfinder starter kit is

  32. We cant find good place to play, people misunderstands us and acts like we are gamblers

  33. I’m looking at mine and I don’t see any codes

  34. New to D&D? Skip 5e and find some old copies of 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons!

  35. Don't buy this waste of money. The basic rules are posted online for free and you can print character sheets for free too

  36. I got the essentials kit, now where do I buy the friends?

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