Night King- All Powers from Game of Thrones

Here is every display of powers, skills, weapons, and weakness from The Night King. Including Necromancy, Cryokinesis, and Weather Manipulation.

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  1. So does the Night Walker baby grow up to the the next king?

  2. No weakness is valerian steel and or dragon glass

  3. A reboot for season 8 please !!!! I want them to change his conclusion 😫😭 (what a shitty end for an antagonist 😡)

  4. وقتی دستش به دختره خورد، چرا به زامبی تبدیل نشد؟!🧐

  5. Should have had Bran go back to NK creation again and accidentely warg into him or something. Lol

  6. 1 of the best character dead like comdey movie

  7. Wormser designed the javelin to go along with the night kings limp wristed throwing style

  8. How to be Stealthy in killing someone
    Scream put loudly and make enough Noice so the audience start laughing….. yeah I laughed.
    Such a bad writing on that point

  9. the end was very bad a stupid girl kill him lol

  10. Olympic champion at the Javelin.❤❤❤

  11. For the Beyond the Wall plotline, it seems like he has greenseer abilities as well. He was waiting at that lake for Jon and Dany and knew he'd be getting a dragon that day.

  12. 18 years old girl Finishes him😂😂

  13. This whole time I just realized that's Loki

  14. so for 8 seasons his screen time was not more then 7 mins.

  15. I am happy he was pushed and he broke his body!!! Bran has a very despicable and negative personality,he thinks his wheelchair is his pedestal!! Useless and annoying character!!

  16. Küçük bir kiz yaratti ve Küçük bir kiz da öldürdü. Muhtesem arya stark

  17. Night King, an incredible villain, but too easy to kill. His death is joke.

  18. It’s good that night wimp met his demise via dragonglass. So long sucker.

  19. The Night King was just misunderstood. So, stupid Arya murdered him.

  20. 2:06 When their eyes open, theres that sound. Extra sinewy, gooey kind of slither of eye lids opening.

  21. Which episode and season is this?

  22. The Hardhome version was by far the best!!! The newer one looked like shite.

  23. Its 2023 I still have bitter taste from this moment with night king, evry fun fiction is better than this

  24. Knight King has dragon then why he is walking on ground to be killed by Arya.

  25. All that just to get 1 vs 500 plus by a little girl

  26. the night king deserved a better ending then he got

  27. People discussing how Jon Snow should have bested the Night King, but really this seems to be the whole reason Bran is in the show as well. His story is tied to the north, beyond the wall and the more magical elements. Stands to reason he should have been more instrumental in this theatre rather than resolving the game of thrones in the south.

  28. 🎉 हेलो भाभी जी नंबर मिलेगा

  29. I loved it when the Lich King resurrected Sindragosa.

  30. To be was a valeryan Steel dagger through the chest that did the trick. Valaryan steel apparently incorporates dragonglass/obsidian in it's make..and THAT was the key component in the ritual the Children used to make the Night King in the first place..a failsafe for the WMD they made to try and fend off the encroaching humans. any other weapon would have failed.

  31. The biggest let down after such a marvelous build up. What a shame

  32. Sort of like the Death Star, one hit in the right spot… how original.

  33. The night king really wins in the end. The writers lied

  34. Bro this guy has been in my nightmares for years now… he’s more terrifying than anything hate that he was killed soo easily in the show.

  35. one of his most powerful ability is shattering normal weapons.

  36. Arya's dagger wasn't just a normal one right? Its made of dragon glass that can kill a normal white walker…?

  37. So much potential until the last season. I always wonder and will continue to ask questions about the relationship between Bran Stalk and the Night King…

  38. Best death i ever seen aryas fate and the night Kingston death is just perfect

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