Okay EVER AFTER HIGH – The end of DRAGON GAMES was all I ever wanted

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  1. I really enjoyed Epic Winter a lot, you should definitely watch it. It introduces some new characters while also exploring more into the side characters who have been introduced throughout and with a couple characters it goes into what happens with them after Dragon Games.

  2. Watching Ever After High’s winter special is worth a watch

  3. Honestly ever winter is a great development for daring charming and honestly some good faybelle development too

  4. Yes, watch the winter Ever after high episode. It is amazing.

  5. All I will say is Mathew should watch the winter one for the character growth he was wanting from Daring C. 😅

  6. I'd love to see you watch ever sfter high epic winter

  7. Would it be weird if I requested a moshi monsters song reaction. I was listening to one earlier and then saw your video and thought it was similar to what you’ve done before

  8. I do think that Mathew should watch epic winter even tho the main characters change cuz it 2 me seems that he is invested in the world and the characters that will take over the story(cuz of the early eps that he watched). Plus I want him 2 see the epic winter song lol.

  9. I would definitely say watch epic winter. New main character, new dynamics, daring charmings happy ever after, more new charactersssss❤❤❤❤❤. You would watch it!

  10. With the kiss they probably couldn't make it explicitly gay cause censorship this is what we gays have to deal with sadly

  11. Please do the last special Daring Charming goes through some awesome character development

  12. The show is still good after! Keep reacting!!

  13. Darling is Apples prince(ss) charming, but the show didn't go too into it because of the time it was being released. While queer rep in kids shows is starting to become more prominent, that wasn't really the case back in 2016 so they had to leave it all to implication

  14. I like Epic Winter™ I'd totally watch and thoroughly enjoy your reactions to it if thats what the consensus hopefully ends up being in favor of ✨🦜

  15. You should watch epic winter next daring charming gets his own little side story and its pretty cute

  16. Even if Epic Winter isn’t a great ending for the series, I still like it and would love to see your reaction to it! And any of the webisodes you have left. Watching you react to ever after high is always so much fun!

  17. Please watch epic winter! I thought it was really good and it gives you more character growth for briar, faybelle, daring, and a couple other characters like the daughter of beauty and the beast

  18. Definitely watch more ever after high, don't know why people say not to. A lot goes on in the winter one. Plus, we get to understand why Daring's kiss didn't work on Apple and so on.

  19. You should watch Epic winter to see what Darings real destiny is!

  20. That wasn't the passcode. I think Faybelle Removed the passcode using Dark Fairy Magic.

  21. I'm twenty and it took me that long to even realize that the same voice actress plays Darlene and the neighbor's child which I don't remember the name of but still🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  22. I would really like to see your reaction to Epic Winter as it has some of my favorite moments in the show☃

  23. Ever After High: Epic Winter wraps up Daring Charming’s arc after the set up in this movie. If you’re interested in that, I’d give it a watch


  25. I would watch Epic Winter! It’s more of a side story to Ever After High because it doesn’t have most of the main cast of characters, but it’s still super interesting and fun to watch!

  26. I always thought Darling waking Apple up was supposed to be a bit of an Elsa and Anna moment. Where it’s like… showing there are different kinds of “true love”. Like the love of sisterhood, or the love of Friendship. Darling clearly loves all of her friends very much. She literally fought in physical combat for hours as the white night to protect her friends. And there was never any kind of implication that there was any romantic feelings between Apple and Darling. Plus, the “kiss” wasn’t an act of romantic love. It was CPR in an act of platonic love where Darling wanted to save Apple’s life. I think they just didn’t have time left in the special to go more in depth with all that. Maybe they had a little more and had to cut it down, who knows? 🤷‍♀️

    I know someone’s gonna go calling me homophobic, but that’s a ridiculous conclusion to leap to. This was literally just the natural impression I got from the show when Dragon Games first came out. Especially considering the still-prevailing popularity of Frozen at the time of the special’s release.

  27. Please continue the ever after series, I won’t be able to sleep until I see you watch the rest

  28. Well if you do anymore Ever After please react to their songs full version. Just a suggestion. There's like 4 and you've already reacted to one

  29. I recommend giving Epic Winter a watch, despite it being the last Series they made before they discontinued Ever After High, I enjoyed it because they remind you that all of these characters are still developing. It actually moves the story of a bunch of the characters' personal lives whether it's them having a full arc or short glimpses in what I assume would've set up for future arcs.

  30. if you can and want to, can you react to total drama? season is your choice and if you want to look at songs search up "total drama world tour songs" and a bunch of songs will pop up! wish u the best, please like if u want him to see this φ(≧ω≦*)♪

  31. The Charmings are a clan with a lot of members and it's not really known befoehand who will be whose prince. Daring made the assumptioion that hevwas apple's prince but it turns out that his destiny lies elsewhere. We still also don't know Dexter's destiny.

  32. The next episodes are great for ravens character and apples character development

  33. Prince Charming gets a character arc! Please continue

  34. My personal theory is it isn't about destiny nor sexual orientation, but about worthiness. Does anyone that took a second look at Daring thinks that he's THE Prince Charming in fairy tales? I think not! Out of the 3 Charmings only Darling has the quality of Prince Charming, hence her ability to break curses.

    P. S. Do watch Epic Winter the last EAH movie, if you want to see some sliver of growth for Daring.

  35. I kinda liked Epic Winter

    Mainly because of Daring's character development. It made me like him a lot more tbh

  36. For the record I really enjoyed the wintery season. It has a lot of Daring character development and stuff. Genuinely a really good continuation.

  37. YES, PLEASE!!! REACT TO EPIC WINTER! ❄️ It didn’t have as much Apple White and Raven Queen, but it was still awesome and some characters (like Daring Charming, Faybelle Thorn, and Rosabella Beauty) get more screen time and character development!

  38. The story line may not be as good from here on out. But the character development is great.

  39. Basically epic winter isn’t really about Raven so that’s why fans are split. Plus it was the last “full” season so some people are miffed that epic winter is technically the finale so that has led some people to say it should have just stopped after dragon games

  40. I like the winter arc. I think it's worth the watch.


  42. I think you should still watch the winter episodes!!

  43. while not my favorite, Epic Winter is very fun in terms of giving the explanation about Daring's kiss failing – this is all I can say as to not spoil Mathew's experience ;3

  44. In regards to continuing I’ll say this: if you wanna see Daring redeem himself then continue. If you only watched for the Raven and Apple story arc then your viewing ends here

  45. Epic Winter it's not actually good, especially compared to the rest of the series, but it's fun so if you decided to react I will watch. I don't think it gave Daring as much character development as people say, I think they made him dumber and more selfish but he was never either, just a lot smug and vain. The protagonist of Epic winter is also not good, but there is good development for Faybelle.
    also I don't think rosabella and daring are a good couple, it always bothered me how much she seemed more like his therapist than someone who actually cared. She just kept forcing him to change because yeah, it wasn't even because he decided to. And it seemed very one sided too, it didn't add anything to her character development, it just made his character grow (which again, in my opinion, wasn't even in a good way, he had already matured a lot with lizzie, darling and cerise and the writers just ignored that and made him very dumb and stupid).


  47. Yes please do Epic Winter its good and there is slight growth for daring and what i think is a nice new character ❤

  48. I say you should keep watching the rest of ever after, it gives more characters and lore

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